Deflategate: Why Tom, but not others

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Photo above: Tom Brady at Media Day for Super Bowl XLIX (Claudia Gestro)

Americans are a funny breed.  With the exception of when a white cop shoots a young black male, it takes a lot to get us angry.  When we do, it’s usually short lived and quickly forgotten by the masses.  How many Americans do we see protesting our new immigration policy, rising college tuition, or our government’s handling of terrorism?  Let’s face it, as long as we have access to the internet so we can occupy our minds with video games, movies, or stupid cat videos, we pretty much don’t care about what goes on in the world.

That is until a football player is accused of letting some air out of some footballs and told he must serve a four game suspension for his role in the crime of the century.  Then all hell breaks loose.  Sports casters, news show hosts, citizens, and even politicians chime in and the nation becomes divided into two camps: Pro Tom Brady vs. Pro High and Mighty.

It’s those who claim the moral high ground and who are happy to see a “cheater” made to face the consequences of his actions that fascinate me most.  Don’t they see how ridiculous they look talking about role models, integrity, and honesty being at stake if Tom Brady is allowed to get away with what he is alleged to have probably, but not definitively, been involved in?  Where have all of these people been when, at least in my opinion, far worse crimes have either happened or are taking place right now?

The Bail Out:  President Obama bails out our failing banks.  CEO’s then reward themselves with huge bonuses and leave hard working Americans to lose their homes, their savings, and their hope and what did we do?  No one was voted out of office as a result.  No one was sent to prison for ripping off Americans. And no one could be bothered to protest because our news networks could not figure out a simple explanation that would rile up the country over the theft of one-third of its wealth.

Hillary Clinton with Stephen Colbert (screen shot YouTube)
Hillary Clinton with Stephen Colbert
(screen shot YouTube)

Hillary’s Explanations:  Maybe it is because she gave her email news conference before Roger Goodell handed down his punishment to Tom Brady, but Hillary Clinton’s explanations of deleted emails, shoddy tax filings, and business dealings with foreign leaders seems more than a tad bit suspicious of wrong doings.  Worse, her unwillingness to cooperate with congress or the media has been no better than Tom Brady’s was with the NFL.  Still, she seems to be more than just surviving.  Clinton leads all election polls despite half the nation viewing her has dishonest and untrustworthy.  Good thing she is just a politician who seeks the presidency and not an NFL quarterback or she might be out of a job.

Gridlock In D.C.:  Americans say they hate the job their elected leaders are doing more than ever and want to see the two political parties start working together rather than continually stonewalling each other.  Despite their low numbers, Americans will continue to reelect 90 percent of congress despite viewing them in a negative light.  Who in their right mind continues reelecting the people they blame for all of their problems?  Why aren’t Americans forming new political parties to unseat the grip republicans and democrats have on us?  Are we just lazy?  Have we given up on politics?  Or is it because no one has created an app that will do the work for us?

Chris Christie:  Why him and not other republican presidential hopefuls?  Well, when you spend more than $300 thousand dollars of tax payer money on food, drink, and dessert while you throw one colleague after another under the political bus for your Bridgegate fiasco, you should be living in hiding while citizens of New Jersey burn down the governor’s mansion.  Instead, you consider running for president while the best we can do is post jokes about your girth.  *Hey Chris, care to give us your opinion of Tom Brady?

Reverend Al:  Yes, he is hated and loathed, mostly by white Americans and mostly because he claims to be a healer who instigates rioting, burning, and looting more than realistic solutions to the problems that the people he claims to represent face.  What I want to know is why aren’t tax payers of all colors protesting outside his palatial home for failing to pay over $3 million dollars in taxes to the IRS?  This is not a black and white matter.  It is a green one, as in dollars, and brings into question his cheating ways.  I guess the standards we hold leaders of an entire group of people are less than those who quarterback a football team.

So America, let’s ease up on Tom Brady.  Sure, he probably had a hand in Deflategate, but think of all the good he has provide to all of us.  There are the shirtless photos of him on vacation for the ladies to enjoy and the photos of his super model wife for the guys to like.  Best of all, he managed to make a complete fool out of Roger Goodell and the entire NFL, who, by the way, have been ripping us off, lying to our faces, and making us believe they really care about the fans more than their profits.

Anyone out there want to join me while I go protest outside the NFL offices or should I just post photos for you to enjoy on Facebook?

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* Since this was written, Governor Christie has come out in support of Tom Brady.