Democrats need to slow down on impeachment

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There are still Trump loyalists out there despite his crumbling poll numbers or the endless videos showing Melania not even wanting to hold Donald’s hand. He is about as toxic a person there has ever been in politics since Richard Nixon and it seems just a matter of time before his political world, and perhaps more, comes crashing down on him.

President Trump taking part in
a Saudi Arabian Sword Dance

However, I would not jump for joy too much if you live for Trump’s impeachment.  For many of  Trump’s detractors, this day can’t come soon enough.  These people would be wise to pause and think of what happens if that should occur before 2019, one year before the next presidential election. It would mean Mike Pence would ascend to the presidency, a man most of the GOP can live with as their candidate in 2020.

Pence is a very smart politician, one who is far more adept at playing the game of thrones better than Trump.  He is also about as far right as a guy can get in American politics and will bring with him plenty of rabid mid western, God fearing, and red white and blue bleeding voters a republican could ask for.  His voting base will be solid and if given enough time to “heal” the nation after Trump is dumped, he stands to pick up his fair share of independents which could carry him to a victory in 2020.

Trump haters would be wise to slow down the impeachment dream, something that the current GOP controlled house and senate will do on their own, because democrats best weapon in 2020 will be Donald being up for reelection.

President Trump and his entourage
meeting Pope Francis

By now, we know enough about Trump to know he will not back off from his tweeting, ranting, and lunatic self.  He will make sure he remains at the front of every news cycle because that’s what any over the top narcissist would do if he or she were president.

But lets not forget, Trump has already hired a lawyer to start “researching” impeachment (replace researching with preparing).  No president does this unless he believes he is up to his ears in self inflicted wounds, not to mention violations of the law, especially when his party controls the house and senate.  Trump and his team of advisers have already concluded that by this time in 2019, the house and senate will be under democratic control and the impeachment process will be in full swing when the 2020 campaign begins.

Democratically controlled investigations will result in plenty of leaks and public hearings that will remind voters just exactly how much our sitting president has ignored the law and our national interest for his own personal gain.  Trump will no longer be the media darling or public figure who wants to empty the swamp, but rather, he will be the swamp, cesspool, and toilet over flowing leaving a mess for others to clean up. Those cleaners will be the democratic party.

NATO leaders listening to President Trump
telling them to “Pay Up”

Where does Trump hide from his problems as they mount?  He will soon learn fewer and fewer heads of state will want him to visit their country no matter how many arms he promises them.  Our NATO allies are already giving him the cold shoulder.  If ever there was a sign that a man in Trump’s position should recognize as his life in a nut shell, it is the sink hole that grows outside his real home, Mar-A-Lago.  Trump is being swallowed alive as a result of his own recklessness.

Despite all of this, I am continually reminded how Trump never should have been elected to begin with.  Democrats discouraged rather than encouraged Joe Biden to run in the primaries.  They went all in with the one person enough voters were fed up with who could lose to Trump.  I hold no sense of confidence in the Democratic Party to not botch up what should be another slam dunk in 2020.

Bernie’s army will be in loud force as will Elizabeth Warren’s.  They may join forces and present an agenda far enough left to scare the crap out of those aforementioned mid western voters to give the election to whoever the GOP runs with.

How do you butter up a narcissist? Project his face across a hotel’s facade.

Perhaps a new face comes onto the scene like Obama did in 2008, and offers up hope while maybe not having been fully vetted by the DNC.  I don’t put it past anyone, including Trump should he be dumped by an inside challenge in the primaries, to run a third party ticket that really screws up the results.  In other words, anything and everything could happen.

But in the end, Trump should be made to stand on his record and ask for another four years.  Whether that record is one of accomplishment or criminal in nature remains to be seen, but if democrats really want it all in 2020, they would be wise to keep Trump around and make him stand before the voters before he faces a democratic controlled congress for impeachment.

All photos are screen shots from YouTube
Top photo: President Trump insulting our allies in NATO