Donald Trump: The real March Madness

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While much of the country gets caught up with the NCAA basketball tournament this time of year, the real March Madness we should be focused on unfolds inside the Oval Office. With Donald Trump’s firing of Andrew McCabe, he has officially jumped off the cliff and gone from President to Mad Man. There is no way to paint a rosy picture when our sitting tyrant fires a man for no sound reason other than to ruin his 21 years of service to the nation, taking away his pension in the process. Trump would have gone further, but not even his most loyal supporters are quite ready to accept public executions as part of a purge. After November, they will.

On top of this, Trump continues to can cabinet members at a record rate while making others twist and squirm even though by now, they know it is just a matter of time before they are the next to go. And it is not just cabinet members who are made to wonder what the hell they got into by working for a maniac. We forget with each ousted cabinet member got the team he or she brought with them. All of these people serve in title only as by now, even the most uninformed American has concluded Trump does as he wishes without concern for the fallout.

Are we to believe there is an actual plan for when Trump sits down with North Korea’s leader? At best, there will be an outline while whoever is left in the State Department crosses their fingers Trump doesn’t decide to go his own way. Here is a news flash: Trump will. Why? He loves the chaos he creates because only he views it as success.

Now for the truly sad part. The GOP has no desire to stand up to him. Serving the good of the nation has been replaced by trying to say nothing that will bring down the wrath of a nut and his army of loyalists who will stop at nothing to bring down anyone who speaks ill of their leader. To them, the end always justifies the means, which is why as we get closer to the mid-terms we will see more extreme behavior from both Trump and his supporters. In their eyes, he can do no wrong.

As far as elections go, we are also nearing the point where the results will never be accepted unless they go Donald’s way. As we have seen in Pennsylvania where what should have been a slam dunk win for the GOP was a tight victory for Democrats, though the results are being challenged. Do we really want to see a man who dreams of being a dictator stick around long enough to stack our courts with judges who see the world like him and who go about supporting his election result challenges?

Ah, but you say this could never happen in a nation like ours. You are wrong. It is happening as you read this. When a leader like Trump shows such little regard for our Constitution, his ignorant, hate-filled, and violent supporters are only reinforced

If you are female, you are under attack in this country. If you are a person of color, you are under attack in this country. If you are a Democrat, you are under attack. The same holds true for you if you are gay, transgender, atheist, or practice anything other than some perverse interpretation of Christianity inside some evangelical church.

You do not love our country if you love our president. Why? Because anyone who loves this nation and what it has represented from the time George Washington took office until the time Barrack Obama left it understands how Trump is waging a war on our institutions and is attempting to remake this nation into the world’s largest banana republic.

While we may have grown use to his headline hogging, tweeting, and chaotic behavior, we should never grow to accept it or even consider it anything close to normal in effective leadership. If anything, with each act of Trump aimed at destroying our nation and instilling fear into those who stand up to him, we have to remain even more vigilant in our opposition and know by doing so, we can run this tyrant out and retake our nation so we can go about the process of repairing all he has destroyed.

Trump is not some boss or supervisor we tolerate knowing it is just a matter of time before he moves on to another position somewhere else in the company we work for. He is the sitting President of the United States. This is his last job. What should matter the most is we make sure it is one he holds for as little time as possible.

To that end, we must send him a message he is not long for the White House by electing as many men and women on record as being willing to stand up to him. For now, whether you like it or not, this means electing Democrats across the board in November.