Donald Trump, the savant

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I’d like to begin this article by ensuring readers these are my actual words. None of this was written by my father and submitted as the final copy. I am pretty sure if my dad was still alive, he would have voted for Trump. I say this because he voted for Nixon, hated the far left, and strongly supported anyone who he believed would lower his tax rate. He also would have loved one of those Trump hats while playing golf with his buddies. However, one thing my father never did was wear his ties long enough to where they get caught in your zipper and unlike our president, he did not have enough money to afford paying someone to make sure that never happened.

That said, one thing Donny boy can’t seem to do is stop the bleeding from the White House. What’s the point in having a Surgeon General on staff if you and your team are hemorrhaging? Perhaps a general plumber would be better since Trump is complaining about the massive leaks that are preventing him from becoming the next Abe Lincoln. Trump does know old Abe was shot in the back of the head and not run out of office for shady business dealings, collusion, or for his total disregard for the principals this nation was founded on, doesn’t he?

Anthony Scaramucci broke a record in the Trump Administration by getting sacked after only 11 days. And his job didn’t officially start until August 15. (YouTube)

Usually, a president does not become a lame duck until he has reached a point where he can no longer run for another election and fails to have a House or Senate under his party’s control. Trump has managed to become just down right lame while having everything any president would ever dream of. Despite this advantage, we have a guy who seems to be filling the swamp he claims he would empty with the carcasses of people he hired to help empty it.

His Mar-A-Lago resort might have a sink hole issue on its hands as recently reported, but it is Donny who has created a giant stink hole at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. How is it you can brag of your business sense and knowing who to hire to run your companies but you cannot hire a communications director who you have effectively communicated with over the do’s and don’’s of the job?

Was it the cuss words Mooch used in his infamous interview that cost him the job? Perhaps. After all, he wore the right suits and made sure his ties hung low. Then again, it could have been his nostrils. Lets face it, Trump could launch some IBCM’s out of those things and taken out North Korea with ease.

You have to feel for old Mooch. He gave up a lucrative career and his wife and kids to go Trumpster diving and didn’t last an entire pay period. Now where does he go? His wife is divorcing him and choosing to raise their kids on her own which tells me either she has a major case of postpartum inspiration and was confident his $900 million deal with China was assured approval by his boss, half of which would be hers in a settlement, or there was no amount of money in the world to convince her to remain married to a guy whose goal in life is to be hated more than Trump.

What difference does it make? As my mother used to say, “There is no point in crying over spilled douche bags.” There will be others to follow.

Trump Administration Alternative Truther,
Kellyanne Conway (YouTube)

Here is where it gets a bit concerning to me. Trump seems to be burning through the usual 60 and 70 something year old advisers that often fill a president’s team. Now that he has begun eliminating the 50 somethings that remain and replacing them with the likes of seasoned old pros like Colonel Sanders Huckabee, it is just a matter of time before Trump sets his sites on the likes of that sweet adviser of his, Kellyanne Conway, who it must be reported is no relation to Tim Conway (Tim is too talented to raise a Trump employee).

At the rate he is going, Trump will be able to put the millennial population to work in full force because there will no longer be anyone left who is older and desperate enough to say yes to his job offers. Just think, all those beanie wearing, Cheetos eating, pot smoking Bernie supporters will be our government employees sooner than they could ever hoped for. They will get paid to crunch numbers, blindly spend taxpayer money without thought or care, and never have to worry about losing their jobs because no one will be left who wants them.

Eventually, they will bitch about paying taxes and start to support Trump’s “tax cutting” ideas. Instead of wanting the government they are now employed by to provide a living stipend for the rest of us left to rot by Trump, they will tack further and further right until millennials are the only generation left. They will never be able to afford kids and raise a future American generation to inherit their accomplishments so big business will have every reason to outsource its work to India, China and Brazil.

Yep, I am convinced Donald Trump is some sort of savant who has found a way to turn his enemies into his strongest supporters while draining the hopes and dreams of anyone over the age of 30. The United States of Trump-A-Lago will be beautiful, I mean, really really beautiful.

Fortunately, I have a full tank of gas, a current passport, and an affinity for tropical coastal weather, the kind that can be found in Baja, on the other side of the wall.

“All my bags are packed, I’m ready to go …”

Top photo is a screenshot of President Trump’s latest cabinet meeting