Double your Instagram followers with these simple tips

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Instagram is one of the most popular social media photo-sharing platforms online. If you are a business owner and looking for followers online, you should evaluate your profile on Instagram and check the number of people following you. A good number of followers will invoke trust and confidence in the market. Even if you are a new business and wish to promote your business page online, having a decent number of followers is the need of the day.

Reaching out to a wide range of people through Instagram

In order to reach out to the targeted audience with your brand, you should focus on SEO and marketing your business website as well. In the bio of Instagram, the link of your website should be mentioned, and when customers log into these sites, all the pages should work perfectly with no broken links or error pages. Check your website from time to time to make sure everything is in order.

Questions to ask yourself

When you want to increase the number of followers on your Instagram profile, you should ask yourself some basic questions. Are you using the right hashtags, are you writing engaging captions, are you posting a call to action in your posts, etc. Besides all of the above, the most important question, are you following others?

Increase your followers by following others on Instagram

This is the first Instagram tip for business owners who wish to increase the number of followers for their account. You should, as a rule, follow many accounts as this is a safe way for you to start if you are not a famous name. You should start off by following famous names and brands. If you are a new business and do not have many likes for your products or services, you may buy them from credible websites like Likes and followers allow you to invoke trust.

Join groups

You can join groups that are similar to your niche and share your Instagram profile with them. Create posts with appropriate and relevant hashtags to help you reach out to the audience who actually is interested in your product or service. Make sure that the hashtags and the photos you post are in sync with one another. If someone follows your page, make it a point to follow them back as well.

Gain followers by comments on posts

Yes, make some effort and write comments on the posts of your followers and the people you follow. When you start interacting on social media, you create a personal touch that goes the extra mile in making you popular. When you are writing comments on the profile of others to be real, never copy-paste any comment you like on the profile of others. Be genuine and honest.

Last but not least, create stunning posts with good photographs and engaging captions on Instagram. Make use of the Instagram Story feature so that you effectively are able to reach out to your targeted audience live and gain likes and followers in return!