Dr. Trump and other COVID thoughts

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Our maskless leader wants us to think of him as a wartime president while he tackles the coronavirus epidemic. However, there is a big difference between being a wartime president who has to lead the nation during a time of actual warfare and one whose only military experience involved getting out of serving. An actual wartime president has to inspire the nation to act and follow a path toward defeating an enemy that threatens our freedom. Trump’s challenge is trying to lead us back to work at a time all the real experts are telling us to remain home.

President Trump during press rally in White House April 23 (YouTube)

FDR’s job in WWII was to convince us to fight an enemy in order to preserve our nation. Trump’s job is to convince us our lives are worth sacrificing so he can win reelection in November. Thankfully, I was placed on the do not work list several months before COVID-19 struck and I am not inclined to begin looking for new work just so I can help the rich get richer or some idiot get reelected.

I retired in 2014 after a 30-year career in teaching. It was not my intent to stop working since I was only 56 at the time. Since retiring, I have held a variety of part time jobs that have included working at a pet crematorium, mental health clinic, parks and recreation, personal trainer, and contracted specialist at a charter school. However, last November, I decided I needed to regroup and focus more on knocking out my chronic pain and the depression that came with it. This meant I needed to stop working.

Through the cruel twist of an epidemic, I have since had to stop dealing with getting my pain and depression better controlled, all because of what is and is not considered essential work and my desire not to press my luck with an illness we know little about. For almost two months, I have gone without the acupuncture that was helping me gradually knockout my headaches and neck pain. I have also gone without any of the chiropractic adjustments that help my thoracic and hip discomfort and I have not sat down with my therapist for any recent chats.

This is also about the time I was supposed to be wrapping up my TMS (Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation) therapy, a six-week program designed to reawaken parts of the brain affected by depression and chronic pain. If it worked, there was the possibility of no longer needing an antidepressant or narcotics. In other words, a chance to get a clear head again. I never got to begin the program.

Instead, like many others in my position who suffer from things like pain, depression, or anxiety, I have been left with too much time to think. In fact, no matter what the state of your health before this epidemic, we have all been left with too much time to think.

Dr, Deborah Brix, the White House Coronavirus Response Coordinator, looked absolutely shocked as the president suggested doctors try injecting ultraviolet light and disinfectant into humans. She’s pictured with William Bryan and President Trump (YouTube)

We have also been flooded with a constant barrage of a wannabe wartime leader pointing fingers, providing *unproven medical advice, and daily contradictions to what few experts he has left working with him. Our wartime leader has also claimed he wants our navy to shoot down enemy boats that harass our ships just to make sure we have confidence in his military leadership. I am expecting any day now for him to order the sinking of enemy fighter jets, the bombing of enemy spy submarines, and Para trooping frogmen to patrol grocery store checkout lines.

Trump is not alone in his leadership skills. Southern states are being led to reopen parts of their economies because it is the American thing to do to work the underpaid to death. Have you noticed the “parts” they want to reopen are mostly low paying jobs in states running out of unemployment funds? Have you also noticed these are typically workers who tend to vote for Democrats so if they get sick and die between now and November it is no big deal for Donny?

You must also be aware his good pal Mitch has stated he is refusing any more bailout legislation until both houses can meet even though he was alright not doing this when he was bailing out the wealthy. Mitch also has no problem continuing the confirmation of more federal judges because why should they be troubled with answering congressional questions about their previous rulings?

The mayor of Las Vegas is willing to play social Darwinism with the citizens of her fine city and if they die, they die. Along the same lines, the lieutenant governor of Texas thinks there are more important things than life, although don’t ask him to support abortion rights because nothing is as sacred as life.

Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick of Texas (YouTube)

Gun sales are back on the rise because guns are essential while toilet paper is just a luxury. Anti-Maskers are protesting having to remain at home. I guess it is their right to go out in public and infect others with an illness in much the same way they work to spread hate instead of hope. You see, to them, the war we are fighting is a civil war because heaven forbid if these ass hats had to actually lug a rucksack and fight in some shit hole half way around the world. That’s a job reserved for minorities.

“Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country,” has been replaced by “What is FOX telling me to think, believe, and do?” Besides, we all know JFK never uttered those words. They’re all part of some left wing conspiracy to rewrite our history.

Despite all of this lunacy, controversy, and horrific wartime leadership, I will sleep well tonight knowing that Dr. Trump differs with Dr. Fauci and several other experts who claim a second wave of coronavirus set to hit this fall may be worse than the current wave. I just hope Trump has the audacity to write a book and call it, The Art of Hope: Tales of a Wartime President.

* Unproven medical advice at the 25 minute mark.

Top photo is a YouTube screenshot of William Bryan and President Donald J. Trump