Dutch ferry boat ride boozy and relaxing

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I’ve been pretty obsessed with Dutch ferry boat rides since doing research for my first trip to Amsterdam. They seem so calm and relaxing — a perfect “vacation” activity, especially since some of them serve booze and food!

Well, after doing a lot of Google Translating, I found the Eemlijn Fietsboot ferry, which does a 3-4 hour one-way trip down the Eem river between Huizen and Amersfoort (it’s actually a 6-hour round-trip from Amersfoort, but you can just to do one leg). I think it cost 10 Euros, plus another 15 or so Euros to get from Amsterdam to Huizen (via subway, train, and then bus), and then back to Amsterdam from Amersfoort (via train).

They serve inexpensive (and tasty) food and booze, so my dad and I just sat and drank and ate and watched the gorgeous scenery pass us by. It was just as relaxing as I’d hoped it would be. Also, Amersfoort is an incredible ending point; it’s a medieval town with world-famous protective walls surrounding it. Plus, it has a lovely and quaint town square, and a kick-ass brewpub!