Election 2016: And we wonder why we are such a mess

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If there is one thing good I see coming out of the Donald Trump candidacy for president is it shows the nation, including the rich and powerful, just how much a wealthy person can make a difference. If done in the right way, that difference can be a very positive thing.

Unlike when Ross Perot ran in 1992 just to make sure George H.W. Bush was not re-elected, Trump has shown the nation how a wealthy person can not just shake the political establishment (Wall Street and Washington D.C.), he can bring much of it to its knees if done with the right goal in mind.

While I do not think this is what Trump is attempting to do, nor do I still believe he wants to be president as much as he wants to use politics to further his own personal and financial agenda, what he has done has scared the hell out of more than just the GOP. When he is finished with his presidential run, there is a strong chance the GOP will be finished as a political party. If this happens, it will not be long before a self-financed zealot from the left does the same to the Democrats. Imagine what a billionaire with the attitude of Michael Moore can do the the Democratic National Party?

Trump supporters at his country club in Palm Beach, FL, waiting for the candidate to speak. (YouTube)
Trump supporters at his country club in Palm Beach, FL, waiting for the candidate to speak. (YouTube)

As much as Americans hate the rich because of all the perceived unfair advantages they seem to hold over us minions, we need people with the money and willingness to finance any real political change in this country. Both Democrats and Republicans have seen to it this is the case. However, both parties failed in one critical area. They assumed all the rich and powerful would remain on board with them and never leave the flock. Now that Trump has told them to Flock Off, what happens when the left faces a similar challenge?

This political mess is the end result of not so much the greed of the ruling elite, although it has a huge influence, it has more to do with the absurd hypocrisy that exists within our two major political parties. Such hypocrisy leads to continuous political fights over the insignificant (yes, abortion and gun control are insignificant on the grand scale) while nothing of importance gets done (paved roads, lead free water pipes, job creation that pays a livable wage).

Politicians are an egotistical bunch who believe when they are re elected at well over a 90 percent rate that it means the people must love them despite the polls saying otherwise. However, if they were to tally the total votes against them along with the numbers of people who have quit voting because they have no faith in our system, they would understand just how much they are loathed.

And yet, this is as much the fault of the voters as it is the ruling elite. The positions we take and the lack of logic behind them continually stuns me. Is “Pro Life” a person (and party) who opposes abortion and supports the death penalty or one who favors abortion and opposes the death penalty? Is there a difference between a Democrat and a Republican if both are financed by Wall Street? Just because one side says they will do something about it, what does the voter really think will be done by someone who is bought and paid for by the wealthiest of the the wealthy?

How many voters hate the power and influence Wall Street has on our elections and are in debt to their ears with credit card bills? Whose fault is your debt? Who makes you deposit your money in their banks? Who keeps seeking more credit for more toys, college tuition, or worthless crap you will get rid of in a year? Who makes you live beyond your means (Hint: People like the Kardashians influence you more in this area than any billionaire).

Where is the common sense in demanding a $15.00 an hour minimum wage while insisting we allow a path to citizenship for the cheap labor that provides you with enough happy meals so you do not have to cook for your family? Why would you insist on expanding welfare for those who cannot find work while you insist on not deporting those who are here illegally and who actually work?

Just how many guns does it take to protect the village that raises our kids? More guns, more police, more prisons while we offer crowded classes, more expensive college tuition, and no rehabilitation for the incarcerated? Get rid of Muslims and their mosques but support freedom of religion by shoving Christian school prayer down our throats, tossing out the Constitution and replacing it with the Bible, and rounding up people because they read a different holy book?

Demand free (even affordable) health care while you eat yourself silly and complain about having to pay for two airline seats due to your lack of self control? Insist on cheaper prescription meds because you need another fix of oxy while telling us about the dangers of legalizing pot? Cocktail in one hand, cigar in the other while you worry about your cancer stricken neighbor’s pot falling into the hands of your 12 year old kid?

Insisting Congress make a professional team drop the name Redskin so you can feel good about watching a game in which steroid-ridden men destroy their brains each week and then you go to work on Monday and complain your union has not done enough to make your job as a dock worker safer than it is? Accept 40 students in your kids classroom and then go to a school board meeting because they might eliminate after school sports to lower class sizes and improve education?

Complain about the pay of your profession even though you made the free choice to go into that field? Demand we use our military to rid ourselves of an enemy half way around the globe and wonder why our economy and infrastructure is stalled? Oppose the draft while supporting more military involvement? Insist on affordable college tuition but fail to save a dime for your kids college?

And as previously stated, piss and moan about the crappy job our elected leaders do and turn around and re-elect them? Thinking our president can change everything that ails us while remaining ignorant to how our own government operates through a well thought out system of checks and balances? The ignorance of the American voter is why we have an electoral college.

Get real, America. This mess we have is the doing of our citizens failing to take their role as a citizen of a free nation more seriously and then complaining about the wealthy who use the legal and political process to their advantage despite being outnumbered 99 to 1. Do the math! Do the work! Or just sit on your asses and wait for the next billionaire to come along who will do it all for you.