Elections 2016: Pant suits and comb overs vs. sleeveless T’s and caps

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I normally do not respond to my critics, basically because I have so few of them, but feel I must address what I can only describe as a personal attack centered around my sense of fashion.

Some people say I do not look very presidential with my sleeveless t-shirt and cap. They think I look menacing by claiming I am flashing gang signs. They say Hillary and Donald at least appear presidential in the manner in which they dress. BFD is what I say.

Do we want to elect a woman as president who dresses like a man? How many people, male or female, do you see walking the streets wearing pant suits? Where I come from, t-shirts and shorts are the clothing of the common man and yoga pants and sports bra with an over sized tank top the clothing of women. Where do we see pant suits like Hillary wears? She says she is one of us but who really dresses the part? It’s me and only me.

As for D.T., he needs a reality check when it comes to fashion. Comb overs stand out more than his hand-made suits and lets face it, if he is trying to cover up his baldness, what else is he hiding from the American public?

While he pays hundreds of dollars for someone to style his hair, I use the ten dollar trimmers I purchased from Marshall’s five years ago to do the job myself. Just think of the savings to the American taxpayer when I trim my hair instead of some over paid stylist. I don’t need a comb over to hide the truth, but I do need a cap to protect my head from sunburn and I am not ashamed to admit it.

Suits and ties look presidential if you are part of the one percent, but t-shirts and cargo shorts represent the other 99 percent. Keep that in mind when you vote. My clothes also never need ironing and are used to the fullest. First, I buy a t-shirt for no more than ten bucks. Once it loses its luster, I hack off the sleeves and it becomes a workout shirt. When it becomes worn out and shows holes, I then use it to clean my bicycles, wash the car, or clean our floors. I call that leading by example.

I will do the same with our military. First it will start out as an aircraft carrier. Then it will become a floating hospital for refugees. Next, it serves as a gigantic party boat for college students during spring break. Finally, we sell it to the Saudis for ten times the price it originally cost and let them convert it back to an air craft carrier so they can police the middle east without our help.

Now, as to the claim I am flashing gang signs. Damn right and if you have a problem with me then you better bring it because me and my posse are not stopping until we take DC by storm. So you have a clear choice, hop on board the Jim Train and be represented by a man of the people or stick to Ms. Pant Suits or Mr. Comb Over and be prepared for more of the same B.S. we are sick and tired of.

Vote for Jim in the 2016 elections!