Essential Garage Door Maintenance and Care Tips

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Your garage doors are the last thing to run in your mind when you have thought of doing home maintenance over the years. But these doors serve a purpose. They are meant to keep your belongings safe. However, they are susceptible to developing one issue or another, and thus regular maintenance is critical to have garage doors that function without a glitch. Routine maintenance also helps prevent the risk of damaging your possessions and potential injuries.

Any comprehensive maintenance should include having the garage door inspected at least once a year so that you are confident your doors will aid in protecting your possessions. The checks must entail an assessment of all the parts to ensure they work efficiently. More attention should be given to the moving parts of the door, especially the springs, rollers, and cables. Keep in mind that this should be done by a qualified professional that has experience in garage door installation, repair, and maintenance.

Test The Doors

DIY maintenance is something the experts highly advise homeowners to do. One of the easiest things you can do to assess the function and effectiveness of your garage door is being mindful when you operate the door. For instance, check how smoothly it slides open or whether it is slightly stilted and a bit jerky. Be attentive and listen for any noises or if the door opens silently or makes a grinding or scraping sound.

If you not something that is off and was not there previously, then something is wrong. Your garage door might have lost its balance and need resetting. If you pull the handle to open it and it only goes halfway up without staying in place, then the springs are worn out or imbalanced. Call in a professional to fix these problems.

Examine The Rollers

Rollers can be made of steel or hardened nylon, and they are susceptible to wear and tear. Therefore, they should be checked at least twice annually. Experts recommend replacing the rollers every seven years. Examine the rollers for any cracks, chipping, and being weathered and have them replaced as soon as possible. The replacement process involves removing and reinstalling the roller brackets and assessing the rolling mechanism for any issues before placing in the new rollers.

Grease Up The Door

It is necessary to keep the garage door – more so the moving parts – greased. You can do this using an aerosol spray lubricant, applying the lubricant on the roller hinge, as well as the attached rollers. You, however, should spray it sparingly to prevent having an excess amount of the grease that will then attract dirt and create gunk that will restrict the movement of the moving parts. Spray the lubricant on the keyhole and door hinges. For additional safety, please read the manufacturer’s instructions.

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