Eulogy to abandonment

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This poem is dedicated to those with borderline personality disorder.
He was your love, your rock, your life’s delight,
And suddenly he’d left.
What remained was the awful pain of your plight
You were devastated, lost, bereft.
Deep in your psyche you made a vow:
I won’t be abandoned any more.
I’ll leave them first – yes, that is how
I’ll protect my fragile inner core.  
Your father’s no longer in your life;
No question that’s just as well.
But the loneliness continues rife.
Clanging around in an empty shell.
But, Darling, I’m not the kind of guy
who’ll bolt on you, who’ll disappear
At the first sign of storms coming by.
I’ll stay with you – no need to fear.
The only thing I ask, my love,
Is that you never again abandon me
Let’s look for help from the stars above
to break the cycle, set both of us free.
(Feature photo: Honduras sunset by Larry Luxner)