Evangelist Dr. Denise Barrett-Abraham Is Anointed, Purpose-Driven and Empowering Women Around The Globe For God’s Glory

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She is a woman on the move.

Evangelist Dr. Denise Barrett-Abraham wears many hats. She is more than an evangelist who preaches the word, she is a transformational public speaker, Authoress, TV host, PR manager, advocate, activist, mother, sister, friend, and mentor on a mission to inspire, encourage and support women and girls globally.

To know Barrett-Abraham is to know that she speaks power. She is a warrior who speaks up for justice, peace, equality, equity, awareness and empowerment. She is serious about God’s business and her “I Am Power Your Power” brand is all about women’s movement, motivation, love, peace, and joy. She is an advocate for self care, self love, women in business, and feminism. Barrett-Abraham, who is all about girl power, often speaks about women supporting women, women inspiring women, and women helping women.

Ever the motivator, Dr. Denise, as she is so affectionately called, sits at the helm of a Kingdom Building enterprise Impowered Global LLC. Through her efforts within the platform, Barrett-Abraham teaches women about “The Courage to Stand” despite what it looks like.

The fierce first lady lives by John 14:12, “Very truly I tell you, whoever believes in me will do the works I have been doing, and they will do even greater things than these, because I am going to the Father.”

Barrett-Abraham took some time out of her busy schedule to speak with veteran journalist Germany Kent about some of her many upcoming projects that she has in the works.

First up, Dr. Denise is set to play a significant role with her impact and influence this weekend August 27-28 at the Preach The Word Worldwide Network TV 2022 Global Convention which will be held in Atlanta, Georgia. The annual event showcases filmmakers and broadcast professionals from around the world. Barrett-Abraham spearheads programming efforts for the global christian platform which airs 24/7 on various channels around the world.

In addition to being a media executive and entrepreneur, Dr. Denise is also a life coach for women. “Empowered women empower women,” according to Barrett. “I’m obsessed with seeing women encourage, support, and empower other women.” For this purpose, Barrett lends her voice and wisdom as a host on her own YouTube series of uplifting messages, where she is unapologetically herself. On her personal channel, she gives guidance, uplifts spirits, and speaks life over others. She shares her personal stories of faith and empowers others through personal testimonies and scripture.

“My channel is dedicated to giving a voice to the sometimes voiceless and for spotlighting heroes and sheroes that have made a highly positive impact in and on the lives of others wherever they go by using their God-given gifts and talents,” said Barrett-Abraham.

“We are our sisters’ keeper. Share a smile today. Your sister is waiting on it,” said the motivational mogul. “As women we don’t have to have been near defeat to know what winning is all about,” Barrett-Abraham said. “Women rule. Winning is our nature.”

Her main message to women is, “Stop looking elsewhere for what’s already on the inside of you. Unleash your power,” said Dr. Denise. “It’s about God’s word, the holy spirit, proverbs, grace, hope, devotions, and love,” she pointed out.

When asked for her advice on success, Barrett-Abraham said, “Don’t forget to pray,” and “You have to feed your focus.” She believes it is important to surround yourself with people on the same mission as you. “It’s all about your tribe,” Dr. Denise said. “Stop expecting daydreamers to be visionaries. Dreamers expect things to happen but visionaries make it happen.”

Barrett-Abraham is intentional about partnering with like-minded individuals who also have a Kingdom agenda. She believes this is her moment and she is determined to live it. “Stop allowing people to control your light because they dwell in dim,” she said.

The visionary woman of God is also busy planning for her Iron Conference in 2023. She is strategizing for an “Iron Tribe” revolutionary initiative. For this assignment, Barrett-Abraham is committed to bringing together a coalition of powerful leaders, women and men, to help accomplish goals that will motivate the masses, worldwide.

“Go get your blessing, men and women of God. The power works in you. This is your season of greatness,” she said. “Get to work and don’t stop for nobody and nothing.” Barrett-Abraham added, “Embrace God’s plan for your life or ruin the risk of forfeiting his involvement, which is his favor and blessings.”

Barrett-Abraham also cautions women about getting stuck in their past. “Never let the problems of your past dictate your destiny,” said Dr. Denise. “Past problems should only serve as reminders of how far you’ve come. Move forward and stay focused on your destiny.”

The multifaceted Barrett-Abraham is all about teaching others to soar higher in spite of difficulties, setbacks, and anything that she believes is keeping them from God’s best in their lives. “Let’s knock down the walls and get ready for the comeback,” she said.

“You are in control of what you allow. Don’t blame others for your response of choice,” stated Barrett-Abraham. The empowering Dr. Denise said on the other side of difficulties is greatness and that you do not have to accept it the way it is and that you can move forward. “I am not a victim of my past. I am past being a victim.” She knows what it means to turn the page in life one setback after another. She has suffered. Yet, she persists. Every single day.

Barrett-Abraham travels the world actively serving as a missionary because she believes it is important to “Rise and serve beyond the pews for his [God’s] glory.” Also, locally and on her global excursions, the first lady also keeps busy advocating against all types of violence. She especially brings awareness against domestic violence and sexual assault.

As a survivor, Dr. Denise stands firm in her activism against violence towards women and domestic abuse. She encourages others to speak out as well. “Advocate domestic violence awareness, and survivor domestic violence,” said Barrett-Abraham.

The celebrated author penned a powerful autobiography titled, “Unapologetically Me – Powered for His Purpose”.  In the book, Barrett-Abraham speaks candidly in pursuit of kicking down the doors of silence. “Awaken your power. Break the silence because silence kills.”

“I was reminded with my new book that it is so important to create healthy, authentic relationships with healthy, available people and most importantly with yourself, not a need for validation, keeping up appearances and chasing men,” Dr. Denise pointed out.

Barrett-Abraham loves and lives fiercely for others, experiencing life to the fullest. She is immersed in her calling to make a difference whenever and wherever she can, and walking in her purpose defines how she lives her life. The renaissance woman acts like the person she intends to become and she is stepping into her dream every single day.

“To the woman who is reading this, know this, God created you on purpose with love. You matter. Your creation was intentional,” said Barrett-Abraham. The first lady spoke candidly and declared, “God will still use you even when others don’t endorse you.”

“Everything you need to be all you were created to be lives on the inside of you. Unleash Your Power,” said Barrett-Abraham.

“Give it all you’ve got. Don’t give up my sister.”

For more information on Evangelist Dr. Denise Barrett visit https://www.youtube.com/c/ImPoweredLIVEDeniseBarrett/about