Eyelash Primer for Extensions

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Everyone who has tried to apply for eyelash extensions at least once in their life knows that eyelash primer is quite indispensable for preparing your natural lashes to the smooth and successful process of extension.

What Is the Purpose of Eyelash Primer for Extensions?

The main task of the primer is to prepare the eyelashes for a subsequent extension. It is a mandatory step in the preparation for the procedure that must not be ignored if you really care about the end results of your eyelash enhancement.

Eyelash primer for extensions should be applied after some manual cleansing is done in order to remove oily substances and dust particles from your eyelashes. The primer removes cosmetic residues without a trace, creating a perfectly sterile surface for all other subsequent manipulations. Additionally, it protects the natural eyelashes from the harmful effects a special glue used for lash extensions can bear.

Keep in mind, however, that the eyelash primer cannot completely substitute all the required pre-cleaning and should only be used as an efficient addition to it.

How to Use Eyelash Extension Primer?

Applying the eyelash primer takes several easy steps:

  • Put special under-eye patches underneath your lower eyelids.
  • Spread some primer on a micro brush or a q-tip. Make sure not to put too much product on the micro brush, as it is highly recommended to keep the primer out of contact with the eyelid and the mucous membrane of the eyes.
  • Carefully apply the primer on the eyelashes, covering all areas and every single lash.
  • During the application, the client’s eyes should stay closed until the spray on the eyelashes is completely dry.
  • After using the primer, wait until the eyelashes have dried completely (20-30 seconds would be enough) and then carefully brush them to work with each lash.

When applying a primer, it is important to use it extremely carefully, processing both sides of the eyelashes. The lashes will appear thicker and last for a longer time.

How to Properly Choose a Primer?

Cosmetic stores are usually overloaded with primers and it can be quite easy to get confused when trying to choose the most suitable one. It is necessary to use products made by fairly well-known companies that have been on the market for a while and have already gained themselves a share of good reputation. This fact will significantly reduce the risk of getting a product initially based on low-quality raw materials that can cause the various extent of damage to the eyes.

Stacy Lash eyelash extension primer has established itself as an excellent cleanser and is highly recommended, as well as widely used by professionals. This product completely removes all the oily residues, traces of makeup, dust, and dirt, etc. from your eyelashes. Besides, it separates the eyelashes, preventing them from sticking together, which allows extending the eyelashes in a more subtle and thorough fashion.

And remember, only a competent approach to choosing your primer will make its application useful and safe.