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First a correction: in my recent review of the smash hit musical The Bodyguard currently playing at the Pantages Theatre in Hollywood I made a wee error and here is the mistake and the correction. Bruce Gevirtzman is the playwright, not Steve Cisneros. Steve is the co-producer of the show and the co-founder of the theatre company. But that error notwithstanding, The Bodyguard in my opinion remains one the finest musical theatre shows ever produced. So don’t miss this, you only have until May 21st.

Ron Irwin

UPCOMING. I am currently working on an article about how hypnotherapy can help pretty much everyone, performing artists in particular. I just had a long sit down with one of Southern California’s top hypnotherapists and what I learned is truly amazing. Here are just some of the A-list stars that have used hypnotherapy to improve their lives and careers.

Matt Damon, Drew Barrymore, Ellen DeGeneres, Ashton Kutcher and Charlize Theron all met the smoking challenge with hypnotherapy. Kevin Costner used hypnotherapy to conquer seasickness and Reese Witherspoon used hypnotherapy to overcome devastating insecurities.

While hypnotherapy is certainly not limited to the rich and famous but while the rich and famous have often turned to hypnotherapy to overcome significant life challenges so can anyone. It is often within the acting community that hypnotherapy can have the most profound results because it is one profession that by design places people very much in the public eye and it is the one profession where people must essentially engage in a job interview frequently — they call that auditioning and the stress can be overwhelming. Keep reading because that revealing article is coming soon.

NEXT UP for review, Long Way Down at the Sherry Theatre in North Hollywood. Should be an interesting dark comedy. Keep reading to get the scoop.

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