Getting to Know Design with Ramotion

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Image by Brita Seifert from Pixabay

Ramotion is a well-known design agency with some incredibly famous clients – Firefox, Descript, Netflix, and Bitmoji have all experienced the Ramotion brand identity design service, and many others have followed suit. We took a look at this company and have shared our findings below so that you can learn more about what they do and how they do it.

When Did Ramotion Begin?

Ramotion was first registered in America in 2011, but the company has always worked with a global capacity. With a team of developers and designers in the US and Europe, the company uses a distributed staffing model that provides maximum flexibility and support for clients all over the world.

As a design agency, Ramotion works with brands to create and rejuvenate their identity via digital and brand-based services. They have honed their offer to support some of the biggest brands on the planet and work to create brand strategies that encourage more users to engage with their services. More specifically, Ramotion offers UI/UX design, web and mobile applications, and websites and uses their skills in these areas to deliver results for their client base.

An Overview Of Their Biggest Contracts

When Ramotion begins to work with a new client, they take the time to come up with achievable business goals that can be measured and analyzed. Their main focus is to help a brand by creating a product that is consistent and can be used to grow their following and client base. With some of the biggest industry names on their books, it is a method that is proven to work.


When Ramotion was hired to rebrand Firefox, their brief was to take the famous Firefox browser and combine it with a range of other products and services to create a master brand that enticed users new and old. Firefox also wanted to increase the motivation in the team, and so Ramotion set about creating a visual identity that they could be proud of. The result was an evolved brand that gives users and their team a genuine feeling of trust and enjoyment when using their products.


Ramotion has also worked with popular children’s toy designers Osmo, to create an identity to not only appeals to their audience but also to improve their common identity to set them apart from the competition. By taking the iconic red camera and integrating that into everything related to the brand, Osmo ended up with a product that went on to win Time’s Best Inventions of 2014.


When Turo was facing issues with UX and UI in relation to their customer support portal, then hired Ramotion to help. By analyzing the data, they were able to learn that over 50% of users left the app’s support center before they’d gotten the answer they needed. Armed with this information, the team worked with Turo to set new goals and improve the self-service score. The result was a consistently branded site that offered a simple interface and enabled users to navigate to the information they needed.

Ramotion have also supported other companies with brand identities such as Bitmoji, Descript and Kyber Network. However, it is important to remember that they also offer a range of other services too. For example, the Turnplay app was designed by Ramotion back in 2011 and proved popular enough to be featured on USA Today.

Creative Design Agency – the Ramotion Way

One thing that sets Ramotion apart from some of its biggest competitors is the fact that they deliberately keep their team small and only ever work with a few clients at any one time. By doing this, they are able to keep a tight rein on what they are trying to achieve and produce the results that we see today.

Ramotion has enjoyed a large number of successes with startups, SME and Enterprise and shows no sign of slowing down. With their expertise and dedication to their clients’ success, they look set to stay as one of the most popular design agencies in the world.