Which God shall lead us?

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Jimmy Carter was always very open about his Christian beliefs and principles. He truly believes his life is guided by God. Ted Cruz is also very open about his Christian faith and how God is directing him to run for POTUS.

Former President Jimmy Carter (YouTube)
Former President Jimmy Carter

One continually gives back to the poor, less fortunate, and downtrodden while continuing to teach Sunday school while in his 90’s. The other believes the answer to some of our problems is to carpet bomb an entire region, arm more citizens with guns, and turn our backs on those in need.

Both rely on the same holy book as their moral compass and yet one talks of hope, love, and compassion while the other relies on fear and hate.

As one who does not place a lot of emphasis on the Bible or organized religion even though I was raised in a Christian home and attended church, I can not help but wonder what God and what faith Ted Cruz is so enamored with. I do not understand why so many Americans can rely on a faith that teaches them to hate people based on their different beliefs and to do to them what goes against their basic tenants.

You can argue Carter was not a very good president because of his policies, but you can not argue what a decent human being he has always been. Cruz has been universally hated by his own party and colleagues in the Senate and if you examine his policies, many are not designed to make us a nation of better people.

John Kasich (YouTube)
John Kasich (YouTube)

On the other hand, John Kasich, another man guided deeply by his Christian faith, is far more like Carter the human being than anyone we have seen run for POTUS since 1980.

He is a reasonable human who does not believe you turn your backs on people just because they believe differently than you. He understands that without compromise, nothing gets accomplished in this world. His ego is such that he does not feel he has to be seen as a victor, but more as a director, one who guides us down a path we can feel good about following.

I have yet to see any of the other four major candidates approach this level of leadership. It’s about them, their movement, their divine guidance, but not about a nation filled with various values, lifestyles, beliefs, and challenges.

John Kasich is the only candidate who I feel is qualified to lead this nation, not because he is a Republican, not because he is male, and not because he is Christian. He is the only one qualified because he is the only candidate who sees America as a melting pot that needs a leader willing to accept the best of everyone without feeling the need to be dogmatic.