The Great Escape releases acoustic version of “I Can’t Resist”

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The Los Angeles-based three-piece just released a stunning new acoustic performance video to their current single “I Can’t Resist” — shot in the Mojave Desert. The sun is low, the set-up sparse, the vibe raw — and that voice is even more irresistible: Offering the gritty, minimalist acoustic recording of “I Can’t Resist” as a free download on their website, the band also announced to release additional songs recorded during the Mojave Desert acoustic sessions in the next months.

Widely praised for their timeless and genre-smashing approach to song craft, The Great Escape is a trio comprised of Kristian Nord (drums, bass, production), Malte Hagemeister (guitars, production) — both originally from Hamburg, Germany — and Cambridge-born singer Ingrid Andersson. Self-produced in their own studio, upcoming LP Universe In Bloom sees the trio joined by some of the best musicians and studio wizards in the industry to create a sound that’s both unique and strangely familiar, rough and infectious.


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Editor’s note: We are impressed with The Great Escape. We recommend downloading every song they make available.