Jared Goff will start for Rams on Sunday against Dolphins

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The Los Angeles Rams have announced their number one pick in the 2016 NFL Draft — the #1 pick overall — Jared Goff will make his first start in an NFL game.

For most of the season the Rams offense has been lackluster at best, with Case Keenum ranking at or near the bottom of starting quarterbacks in the league. He was #31 out of 32 last week.

Offensive coordinator Rob Boras with Jared Goff taking a snap
Offensive coordinator Rob Boras with Jared Goff taking a snap

Carson Wentz, who was the second pick in the draft, going to the Philadelphia Eagles, was #18 in last week’s QB rankings. His team is 5-4 this season, and the Rams 4-5.

The ascension of Wentz to the starting position has put a spotlight on Goff and the Rams. The second pick in the draft was having great success while the first pick was relegated to the sidelines. From the moment Goff was drafted, head coach Jeff Fisher has said their quarterback of the future would get the start when he was ready. Now they feel his is ready. In a statement published on their website, the Rams head coach said, “He’s ready, he’s preparing, and doing well,” adding, “He’s anxious and confident.”

Offensive coordinator Rob Boras spoke about a practice earlier this month when the team had a bye week, “You could just see the confidence with what was going on. The wheels weren’t turning when he got up to the line of scrimmage, and he was real accurate, and decisive with what he was doing. I’ve kept talking about how well he’s been doing in the classroom; it was time to see it out here with all those reps that he got. I think we were all really pleased to see what was able to do in those couple of practices.”

Boras also said Goff had been receiving the majority of first team reps in practice, a sure sign they were looking to put Goff in the starting spot.

Jared Goff in practice
Jared Goff in practice

Another aspect of their offense that needs improving is their running game. So far Todd Gurley, last season’s Rookie of the Year, has 515 yards rushing, averaging 3.1 yards per carry, 57.2 yards per game. Plus, they need to start scoring touchdowns on offense.

The addition of Jared Goff is expected to add some spark to the offense, which just hasn’t performed to expectations, even with Keenum under center. The coaching staff firmly believes he is confident enough to start playing every snap, and after OTA’s, a pre-season and nine games of a regular season studying and practicing, they feel he is ready.

The Miami Dolphins, fresh off a win over the Chargers in San Diego, will be Goff’s first real test. The Miami defense ranks #17 in the league — about average — so he has a good chance to prove himself in this one.

Plus, the Rams defense is #6 in the league. They held the Jets to just six points and the Carolina Panthers to 13. It’s like the football gods teed it up for Goff.

The Jared Goff Era in Los Angeles about to begin.

Photos by Claudia Gestro