Gun nuts are not helping

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I have nothing new to say about the latest massacre in our country other than to say there will me more. Why? Because as I have said before, as a nation, we breed violence into our core and rely on it all too much as a solution to our problems.

This violence is a top down violence that can no longer be justified. Whether it is an act of Islamic terrorism, inner city gang, or solo nut job is not important. What is, however, is the fact we have as many citizens who are unable or just plain refuse to change their behavior, compromise on solutions, and who look to use these events to advance their political agenda.

If in the next month gun sales do not hit a record high, I will be shocked. I spent just a few minutes on Facebook and saw all I needed to see. Besides paranoid gun owners who think their guns will be taken because of this (uh, why do they feel this way when it has not happened yet), there were the opposite who claim this is the result of people who hate others who are different and that we need to vote for Hillary because she will further their lives like Obama has.

First, Obama, it can be argued, has an abysmal record when it comes to protecting the lives of all Americans. How many massacres, weekends of multiple homicides, and even your run of the mill murders are going to be recorded while under his watch? It can be argued he has failed this nation when it comes to protecting and serving the well being of all citizens while advancing the hatred of others by ignoring their needs in favor of select groups of people all designed to divide this nation in the name of gathering more votes and not to unite it.

But then this is bound to go unnoticed thanks to the lunacy of gun owners who, I am sorry, in most cases have no business owning a squirt gun let alone a real one thanks to their paranoia  At what point did it become the law of the land that the Second Amendment was untouchable? There are limits to free speech, search and seizure, and all our other freedoms and yet the idea we need to limit who has access to guns and the type of guns we allow the public to own is justification for arming oneself against the government is a joke.

“This never would happen if we all armed ourselves.” Really?  Open up a history book and read about the “wild west” where everyone armed themselves. It was not exactly the most peaceful or safe time in our history. All that kept us from killing one another was the fact we were not a nation of cities and suburbs at the time otherwise none of us would be here today.

I get the fact there are still plenty of bigots who hate people for horrific things like their skin color, gender, religion, or heaven forbid, sexual preference. Still, this is a nation built around democratic principles and from all I have read, there are far more Americans who hate senseless acts of any type of violence against any type of person than there are bigots or hate mongers. And since these gun loving ass hats believe in the law of the land and the sanctity of the Constitution so much, they may want to just shut the eff up and accept they are the minority. They are the ones the rest of us cannot stand, but we choose to tolerate you and accept you into our world because we believe you also have the same right as all of us to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

So go back and read the Constitution, master all of the Bill of Rights, study what democracy really means, and then respect the fact that you are out numbered, out voted, and out of line in your thinking.  You are the dinosaur who is facing extinction and who is, if allowed to have their way, the biggest threat we face as a country.

You are right when you say guns do not kill. Ignorance kills. It kills one’s ability to think, or even consider, any thought or idea different to what you already know. It kills the joy of life. It kills the opportunity to learn about those who are different than you. It kills the very soul you lack which has allowed  you to build a life centered around hate and paranoia.

So while you take a moment to mourn the potential for changes to your precious second amendment, just know the rest of the real world will be busy mourning the loss of something far more precious, the loss of lives.