Happy Easter from the Los Angeles Post-Examiner

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The Los Angeles Post-Examiner would like to wish everyone a Happy Easter.

Whether you observe and worship the resurrection of Jesus Christ, or have a more secular view of the day, we all have one thing in common today. In the year of COVID-19 we have been forced to live differently, apart from one another, connected only by the technology that we, for years, had been saying was keeping us separated from each other. We see it in commercials, people glued to their devices being mocked, or in many cases, the bad example of what not to do when walking down the street or driving. Now, all that technology is keeping us connected to our family and friends.

Social media, Facebook in particular, let’s us keep up to date with one another and apps like Facetime and Zoom allow us to speak with one another face-to-face, electronically. Now, it seems, is the time to celebrate all this technology.

We can’t mingle at the parks, can’t hang out at the beach, and we don’t even want to go to someone else’s home, no matter how close a friend or family member. When we do go out most of us wear some type of face covering and we try to stay at least six feet apart.

One day this pandemic will be over. We will be told it is safe to walk around without masks, and we can hang out at the beach or park. But for now, let’s just celebrate the fact that we live in an age when technology can still keep us connected to each other. On the bright side: We can always mute that crazy uncle who keeps going on and on about politics.

From all of us at LAPX, please stay at home and have a safe and Happy Easter.

Top photo of a deserted La Jolla Shores Beach by Tim Forkes