Happy New Year: It’s not just a simple kiss

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NYE-2014It’s 2014. Did you get a kiss on New Year’s Eve? The mouth is an erogenous zone. I love the definition of erogenous zone. The definition is Ero for Love and Genous for producing. That would make the kiss a way to produce love, so remember that. A kiss began many years ago as a simple way to get a good whiff, or to smell each other.

Kissing and smelling are both part of mate selection, having its own medical term called, Major Histocompatibility Complex or MHC. If you smell good it’s MHC dissimilar which is good mate material. But if you smell similar you would be associated with a family member such as brother, father, sister or mother and therefore not good mate material.

And believe it or not, those showers you are taking at least once but sometimes maybe more a day with scented soap and shampoos? They’re covering the real you and could make or break your relationship if your significant other ever had the opportunity to smell the real you.

The iconic Times Square Kiss taken by Alfred Eisenstaedt on “VJ-Day,” August 14, 1945 when President Truman announced the end of the war with Japan and the end of World War II. (Photo via Wikipedia)
The iconic Times Square Kiss taken by Alfred Eisenstaedt on “VJ-Day,” August 14, 1945 when President Truman announced the end of the war with Japan and the end of World War II.
(Photo via Wikipedia)

Maybe what happens when you think the new relationship is going well and then for no known reason it just ends. Maybe you waited a little too long before jumping into that shower and your real MHC was showing — or smelling …

Kisses are important to our lives in so many ways. Good kisses lead to good mental and emotional health, they fight headaches by releasing adrenaline, burn calories and a kiss is even a great workout for your neck while warding off those nagging jowls.

Did you know 17 million Americans are fighting depression? Maybe they’re not getting enough kisses because kissing releases endorphins to make you happy. So go kiss and hug your depressed family and friends. And do it often.

The author’s daughter kissing a frog. (Photo by author)
The author’s daughter kissing a frog.
(Photo by author)

Has anyone said, “You’re a great kisser”?  I am not too sure about that. I personally don’t believe one person is a great kisser, but put two of the right people together and it could be explosive. Hand placement during that kiss is important too. Try the little rib cage area beneath her breasts to start and then pull her closer with your warm hands on her back. Or for her, hands on his neck, hair or ears. Do you have any other tried and true suggestions? What works for you? I’ve heard lots of kissing is usually associated with a good sex life too. It sounds logical because it would certainly work with me.

Remember the old saying about kissing enough frogs to find your Prince Charming? Do you know what you can get kissing frogs? Can’t I just skip to my Prince Charming?

How many kisses can you remember? Were they playful, did they make your toes curl? Did they give you that tingling feeling? Were any of those kisses on New Year’s Eve?

Your braces won’t get stuck together, the dental association tells us, so kiss away!
Your braces won’t get stuck together, the dental association tells us, so kiss away!

I can remember a couple of first kisses; one was as simple as a peck on my forehead, which I loved.

How many kisses did you have that were even worth remembering? Were any out of sync, stiff and rigid, smothering, slobbery or deep throating? Did you find food? (Gives me chills just reading it!) Did their breath knock your socks off or did you clack teeth? Were they packing it in for an overnighter?  Yikes, some can even cause the obvious like cold and flu but you can also get oral health issues like tooth decay and gum disease. I found that on WebDental where they also assured me that braces will not stick together during a kiss which I think is great for those couples who both have braces.

The kiss below wasn’t New Year’s Eve, but it was a good kiss. Hope you enjoy it…

Before you even started the car, you leaned over saying that you wanted to get the hard part out of the way.

You kissed me. I think it started out as a quick little peck but when our lips met and tried to part, we kissed softly again, then again. I could smell you and I just wanted to breathe deep but you whisked my breath away. There didn’t seem to be enough cool, clean air to breathe. My only breath was when a small little moan escaped my throat. And I never wanted to come up for more air.  

new-yearsYour arms wrapped around me and mine crept between us to rest on your chest.  I have never in my entire life been kissed so thoroughly.  My insides melted and could no longer support the weight of me. If I had been standing, my knees would have buckled. You held me up in your warm loving arms causing my toes to curl in contentment.

More sounds came out of my throat that I had absolutely no control of. It became frantic and passionate. God, you tasted so good! We couldn’t get enough. The kisses seemed like they lasted for an eternity and definitely not long enough. When one of us would come up for air, the other would pull us back for more.  

You finally pulled away and we looked at each other with shock and a kind of unleashed hunger.

I wish you a happy 2014 with many good kisses!