Happy New Year: Nothing new here

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I am trying to figure out why each year such a big deal is made about ringing in a new year. Out with the old and in with the new my ass. Nothing has changed other than a few new laws in each state and of those, the only ones that get any attention have to do with legalizing pot.

I am going to come across like a bitter old man, but I am only bitter and at 59, just sorta of old. We can all admit 2017 was a crappy year and whether or not if you voted for the guy, we have a gigantic human size kids meal in the Oval Office to blame for our angst. We can also blame ALL the major media networks. While I can’t blame them for digging for information on stuff like Russia, the tax plan benefiting the rich, or even how often Trump is golfing since all of this goes back to the campaign. I do hold them accountable for their constant coverage of a guy we all know is hated more than any other person to set foot in the White House. There becomes a saturation point where no one is able to pump the sewage from the new swamp while the old one scratches its head and tries to figure out what to do next and I think we have reached that mark.

Let me just sum up a few simple points. Trump is a crook and he is dirtier than a week old pair of worn underwear. Guess what? We knew it before he ever ran and as it turns out, enough people simply did not care because they preferred to back the him over the equally filthy Hillary. When you use dirty water to clean dirty floors you end up with dirty floors. Well, when you use a dirty politician to clean up Washington DC, you get a new layer of dirt and nothing more.

And while I am pointing the finger of blame, I’d like to include the likes of Mark Zuckerberg for allowing his cash cow, Facebook, to turn into a forum for flinging cow dung. It seems we have allowed ourselves to turn into people who cannot be happy unless they know they have made their nameless and faceless enemies miserable with what they post. We are monkeys flinging crap at one another while posturing all because we get pleasure from it. Ain’t technology great?

So this year we have the mid-term elections to distract us from the fact the United States men’s soccer team will not be playing in the World Cup in Russia but the drug tainted Russian team will while Vlad tries to figure out how to disrupt the fall voting. This is all good news because as I see it, this gives Trump another 23 men to call on to invade North Korea even though I personally think Kim has nicer hair than Donny. As for the elections, if the Democrats cannot win the House and Senate, let me be the first to say the fix was in. How can they not win?  Oh, that’s right, that’s what everyone said when they ran Hillary two years ago.

If politics are not enough to get us riled up, it seems we have plenty more important matters to dwell on. However, if you are like me, you can’t for the life of you figure out what they are. There is the classic debate as to what smart phone is better and whether or not the newest release will be worth the one thousand dollars kids will pester their parents to spend to keep them out of their hair. Personally, I am starting to like Jitterbug more each day.

If this is not enough to get your britches in a bunch, perhaps you can debate the merits of home brewing versus paying 15 bucks for that fancy named locally crafted six pack with the cool graphics. I will continue to consume whatever is on sale at those great distilleries called COSTCO and CVS and if I get tight for money, I know I can fall back on Trader Jose’s trifecta of cheap blends. As my roommate in college use to say, “After three beers, they all taste the same.”

One change I am considering in 2018 is trading in my gas guzzling truck for something that will make me regret having parted with it because I like how comfortable it is to drive. I am open to suggestions here although I do have a few requirements.  It must have a nice sounding stereo or a system in place that reminds me to wear my hearing aids while I drive. I also have to be able to insert the gas nozzle and be able to walk away while it pumps gas because I feel like everyone is watching me now when I hold it in place so it won’t shut off. Last, it needs a bed so I can haul stuff. I know, this narrows things down to another truck, so why get rid of the one I have?

Just know, if you have a job, you will continue to be underpaid and over worked while you choose to live beyond your means. If you are unemployed, you will continue to be screwed unless of course you are willing to move to India, China, or Mexico for a job. Then again, you might just want to get that medical marijuana card and start lighting up. If you are in college, embrace your debt and graduate or drop out and walk away from it. It worked for people in the early 1980’s when college was affordable and now that these people run the world, why not give them a taste of their own medicine.

Oh, and speaking of medicine, my advice is don’t get sick, hurt, or pregnant unless you do one of those things while on the job. Then sue your employer and hope they offer to pay your medical bills because you won’t be able to afford them.

Finally, remember, 2018 is an even numbered year. These years offer a lot more good stuff than odd numbered ones. I have no scientific data to back up this claim, but apparently that no longer matters in the world we live in. I believe it and that’s all that matters and those of you who don’t, well, you obviously consume way too much fake news and not enough of that legal pot. Maybe it’s time we all light up and forget the fact nothing has changed other than the date on the calendar.