Holiday ice skating is tradition

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We are already a week into December and I feel that I am running out of time to join in all of the holiday buzz before 2014 comes creeping in. There are some traditions that I just cannot pass up and ice-skating is one of them.

Ice skating might be at the top of my to-do list this month, but I seem to forget how I might be better off sipping a hot chocolate than getting on the slippery ice. Because lets face it, even as a child who had some skating lessons, I am so BAD on those tiny skates.

Pershing Square (Photo courtesy of its Facebook Page.)
Pershing Square
(Photo courtesy of its Facebook Page.)

For some like me, the thought of ice-skating can take a little courage, and maybe even a lapse of sanity. Watching the blissful hand locked couples and speeding younglings make effortless loops around the shiny ice rink as you struggle to buckle up the skates you rented for an hour doesn’t help your optimistic outlook. I have to admit, the first step onto the slippery ice can quite literally rattle you to the cold floor.

But once you make it around a lap or two, (of course all the while grasping the wall’s edge and not caring who you knock down on your way around) you remember why you actively participate in this winter tradition each year.

Whether you are an amateur or as light and graceful as a ballerina on ice, there is fun to be had by all for this holiday essential. Bring along a friend or family member to either cling onto or to show off your talent! It won’t feel like December if you don’t!

Head over to these ice rinks in LA:

Pershing Square

Pasadena Ice Center

Santa Monica ICE

As an east-coast native, I would have never known there are so many places to go ice-skating in California. Instead of sipping frozen margaritas by the beach, I’ll be enjoying ice in a whole new way! After all, glistening ice is one of winter’s true beauties.