How LA is the Weed Capital?

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California was one of the first states to legalize cannabis!

When fully understanding why the cannabis industry was changed by the state of LA it is important to understand how they got it done and legalized cannabis. When fully understanding why LA legalized weed it is pretty obvious to see why they did it.

First of all, it brought down California’s taxes so they could do things like pay for schools and build better roads so people can drive on flatter roads that would in turn help cars stay on the road longer. Since the taxes were lowered it is obvious that weed has done nothing but help the state of California and that is something that the state should be happy about and should be grateful for.

The legalization of weed has done nothing but good things and the more it is socially accepted the more you can prevent bad things from happening to people. When you legalize weed it then decriminalizes weed and that in turn will keep good people out of jail. Some people don’t deserve to be in jail and that is the people who only have weed charges in jail. Do not let people rot in jail when they can be free for something that has grown out of the ground for centuries and that is a fact that no one can deny. LA legalized weed because it did so much for their state and is still giving back to their state and that is something that you can be extremely thankful for.

LA has changed the weed industry!

When fully understanding why LA has changed the cannabis industry it is very easy to understand all of the reasons why. California has changed the cannabis game because they were one of the first states to legalize weed. They made it socially accepted and also were one of the first states that started putting out dispensaries everywhere so people did not have to go that far to get their cannabis and that is a gift that no one can repay to someone that is truly in need of cannabis for medical reasons. LA also has been one of the first states that started weed delivery LA. And that is something that changed the weed game as a whole and that is something that a lot of people can not repay when it comes to all of the medical reasons that come with the consumption of weed. It is important to understand why it is so important that LA has fully changed the weed industry and what that has done for the state of California and what it has done for the people of California.

LA sells the most cannabis in the country!

 When understanding why LA has sold the most cannabis is obvious to see why they are the cannabis capital of the world. LA has completely changed the way people have viewed weed and that is something that weed users should be very grateful for. The people of LA have been nothing but grateful for the things that the state has passed because it has made weed more socially accepted within the state. LA is the leading state when it comes to cannabis sales and that is pure because they have done the best job when it comes to the selling of cannabis as a whole. The weed industry is changing every day and that is something to be proud of when thinking about why you love the state of California. Do not let the stereotypes behind weed be the reason you do not try it, go out and get your weed delivered today.