How Nova Beauty Is Making Ladies More Comfortable In Their Skin

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Many people have been patronizing Fashion Nova for several years now. They have bought tops, pants, denim, and even shoes from the brand. The fast-fashion brand has gained recognition from millions of people all over the world for its very affordable fashion items. They decided to expand their products into the beauty industry, providing ladies with an affordable way to completely transform themselves and ensure they’re comfortable with their looks without breaking the bank.

Before we go into everything about Fashion Nova’s first beauty line, let’s take a brief look at where Fashion Nova is coming from and how it has been able to start manufacturing beauty products.

About Fashion Nova

Fashion Nova was established in 2006 by Richard Saghian. He started the brand by selling affordable clubwear to ladies in Los Angeles, California. He was running the store by himself, so he was able to interact with the customers and understand the things they wanted. Before he ran the store, he worked in his father’s retail store as a kid, so he learned how to manage a business and relate with customers.

After 7 years, Saghian discovered that some people sold his clothes to women online and charged higher prices. Initially, he wanted to own 100 brick-and-mortar stores across the United States, selling affordable clothes to women. However, upon discovering what other people were doing, he decided to move online.

At the time of the online launch, Fashion Nova sold everything in the inventory. Why? He has been communicating with the customers and was able to upload pictures of them in Fashion Nova outfits to the Instagram page. Those with a decent following shared these pictures on their pages, so the number of people following Fashion Nova grew. Saghian didn’t launch the store until he had 60K Instagram followers.

After the launch, Fashion Nova kept expanding its products and selling more things that people wanted to wear. In 2016, the company launched the Curve collection for the curvy and plus-sized ladies to find affordable, attractive clothing. Two years later, they launched the men’s collection, entering another market that made them see a rise in customers shopping on the website.

Also, in 2018, Fashion Nova announced that they were also entering into the beauty space, to the delight of many ladies who already wore their products.

Nova Beauty?

The Nova Beauty announcement came in the middle months of 2018. However, at the time, the details of what products the beauty line would contain were a bit vague. Fashion Nova already sold a small collection of beauty products from other brands like Bebella, Avatara, and Sam Marcel, a beauty brand owned by Fashion Nova’s CEO Richard Saghian. So, it was expected that the Nova Beauty line would expand on what was already sold at the brand.

Richard Saghian said in an interview with Business of Fashion that they were expanding beyond what they were currently offering. They wanted to transform Fashion Nova into a one-stop-shop where everyone can find whatever they’re looking for and don’t have to go anywhere else.

Beauty products offered by the brand before the line launched included lip glosses, faux lashes, and makeup brushes. Saghian said in the interview that he wanted Fashion Nova’s in-house beauty products to rival those of brands like Ulta and Sephora.

In 2019, the company decided to continue the production of makeup products, so they didn’t release them to the public. They sourced machinery and ingredients from countries all over the world to ensure that customers got the highest-quality products that would not cause any reactions on their faces and would work well for everyone.

Maven Beauty

By October 20, 2020, Fashion Nova’s first makeup line was launched – Maven Beauty. The name was changed, but the products we were all expecting were included in the collection. Also, the prices remained affordable. All the products in the cosmetics line were under $20.

The pro-level makeup products in the line included gorgeous lipstick shades ($14), an eyeshadow palette ($19), waterproof liquid liner ($14), basic beat cream eyeshadow infused with lavender extract for anti-wrinkle effect, and a quick lift ($13), and reusable lashes ($9) among others.

All the products in the Maven Beauty line will give ladies any look they want that will match whatever they’re wearing or the styles they’re going for. These products are also vegan-friendly, so customers don’t have anything to worry about whenever they’re wearing the products.

Saghian showed us once again that they were not going to compromise quality for accessibility. Everyone who wants to glam up can do so by tapping their phone screens and ordering pro-level makeup products with only a few bucks.

We expect Maven Beauty to be a big hit, even among celebrities. Richard Saghian says they love collaborating with passionate ambassadors who love their products and identify with the brand. He mentioned that he could see Cardi B, who’s known to be a big collaborator with the brand, to flaunt a full-face of Maven Beauty on the 2021 MET Gala red carpet.

By including all the cosmetic products ladies need to make their faces even more glamorous, and by helping them to be comfortable in their skin without costing so much, Fashion Nova is making a huge impact in the Fashion and Beauty industries.

Key Takeaways

By producing Nova Beauty (now Maven Beauty), Fashion Nova can make ladies more comfortable in their skin by:

  • Using top-quality ingredients in the production of all the products in the line.
  • Making the products affordable to everyone who wants to try something new (less than $20).
  • Including a variety of products, without leaving out anything the customers might need.
  • Ensuring that the products complement various skin types and colors.