How Peter Triantos Started 8Food From Scratch And Is Now A Multimillionaire

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When Peter Triantos was just sixteen years old he realized that there was no way he could continue in the rat race for the rest of his life. He knew he was someone who paves his own path, and that was exactly what he did once he dropped out of school. At the age of twenty-one, Peter bought a run-down chicken grill bar, which he scaled to the extent that it opened five more stores!

Peter’s current venture, 8Food was established in Melbourne in 2007, with a vision of developing and producing products 100% Australian made, products of high quality, gluten-free with no artificial flavors or colors, and as natural as possible. 8Food now supplies the food industry with a wide selection of products ranging from dressings to vinaigrette, mayonnaise, and sauces in a variety of packaging formats starting from as little as 5g sachets right up to 1000 ltr palecons.

Peter Triantos (Courtesy photo)

When asked about the habits he attributes his success to, Peter admitted that he never give up attitude is what has pushed him to consistently work hard and not give up. He believes that his relentless mindset, that was ready to do whatever it takes to become his own boss, is the reason why he has been able to achieve all that he wanted. Triantos went on to talk about how every new challenge makes him want to rev up and get stuff done. 

It only took peter three years to start 8Food, which is now an eight-figure company and has its own distribution firm. The expansion of 8Food came when competitors in the market waged a price war against 8Food, causing Peter to land in a financial mess. This led 8Food to start supplying directly, instead of through distributors, and eventually, they started their own distribution company.  

Now, Peter has a net worth of thirty-seven million dollars, and he states that he would have never gotten this far if he hadn’t trusted his gut!