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How the Online Gaming Industry Has Changed Over in 2019

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Since early ages, gaming has been an enormous source of entertainment. Even before the invention of computers and the Internet, it has been a significant part of human lives. And when the computers were invented, games were created to see the performances, and then with the implementation of the Internet, games came into execution. That is how online gaming got started. However, online gaming has a long history.

History of Online gaming

The story of online gaming started simultaneously with the invention of the computer as games were developed and designed to test computers and networks. The story begins in the late 1940s, as computers allowed a human to play the mathematical game called NIM.

Then, the first (NIMROD in 1951) and second (OXO in 1952) amazing computer games were introduced and become an evolution of the game presented at the World’s Fair.

The industry of online gaming turns entirely in 1962 by having its first game, Spacewar, which is playable at multiple stations. And the time came when several games were created, between these amazing years, from 1966 to 1967, a first home-based game was created “The Brown Box,” and during the same period, arcade games started catching the American’s attention and simultaneously Sega and Taito released the games Periscope and Crown Special Soccer.

The online gaming industry was entirely focused on setting its benchmarks, as new technologies were innovated with home-based networks and time-sharing, and those helped to create the Internet. In the decade of 1971-1980, a lot of technologies are being implemented on online gaming, like the creation of multiplayer gaming, video poker, and 3D shooter games. During the same time, games like Dungeons and Dragons, MAZE (created by NASA interns), Empire, Spasm (3D shooter game), Atari VCS, Space Invaders (multiplayer game),

In the next decade of 1981-1990, online gaming got its turning point in every single year. The 1982 year was declared as “The year of the computer” by Time Magazine. During the same decade, the Internet was officially created, Bill Gates created DONKEY and provides a basic understanding of codes to encourage the programmer to develop their games. The MAD was developed, a first game that is accessible by the worldwide computer network. In 1986, SGI Dogfight was released, and the concept of “deathmatch” was launched in gaming. Then in 1989, the IP Multicast was created.

The awkward years of the Gaming industry

The decade of 1991-2000 has been an awkward one for everyone as nothing much got innovated. However, in the early 90s, Sega, Nintendo, and Atari tried pushing an online gaming industry. Still, somehow, the growth was quite slow as the Internet was quite expensive and also not fast enough.

Then the journey of growth in online begins again in 1993, games like Marathon, Avalon MUD, Satellaview for Super Famicom, Kingdom of the Winds, Quake, Ultima Online, Starcraft, Lineage, Nintendo 64, Everquest.

A modern year of online gaming (the 2000s)

The years of 2000 have been a source of modernity for the online gaming industry. It created enhancement in the capabilities of the Internet and technology. In 2000, Sega Dreamcast was released, and GameCube was in 2001. Both are released with the actual capabilities of the Internet. And then in the other coming years of the 2000s, games like Xbox, Halo, Halo 2, World of Warcraft, PlayStation 3, Zynga, it was created in 2007 when smartphones started being popular among people.

Since 2009 to till now, mobile gaming has taken over the market. People become more comfortable playing games on their mobiles, games like angry birds, Pokémon Go, Hearthstone, Brawl stars, Hay Day, Monument Valley, etc.

I want to highlight some significant changes that happened in the industry of the online industry over the last years.

The journey from gaming zones to home-based games

If you look little back, you’ll notice that people used to go and book slots at gaming zones to play games. But now, you can play thousands of games on your PC’s and mobiles just sitting at your home.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has entered the picture

AI has provided a turning point to the video game industry. It has added an extreme level adventure to today’s audience. The technology is continuously putting their efforts to provide incredible visibility and graphic effects to the player. Online Casinos & Jackpot games are also highly improved with AI and the growing algorithm changes make it more interactive yet hard for the players to win against a device. You can also learn on how to play baccarat and try your chances online to win massive amounts

Graphical changes are one of the significant changes which have been experienced by the players. Also, the effects like 3D, 4D, and 7D added like a cherry on the cake. It enhances the player experience as well as provided the realistic visibility to the characters of the game.

Anyone can play- Don’t require to pay a lot to play your favorite game

As compared to the early years, online gaming is far cheaper. Many of the games you like are free of cost available in the app stores. However, if any games are paid, they are also even possible in the App store cost less than $11. Enjoyment with gaming is cheaper nowadays.

Your favorite game needs lesser space

One of the most significant changes happened over the last years. However, in the past years, a player had to make sure about the space in their devices; they were required to delete or change the data to free up space. But the new technology of the cloud has sorted out this issue. A player doesn’t need to worry about the available space in their mobiles or PCs.


The online gaming industry is one of the billion-dollar industries. However, the improvements and story of the industry will go on, or we can say it is a never-ending process. This industry itself gained popularity among people across the globe and provided incredible experiences to all the people with any discrimination.

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