How to Find a Bankruptcy Lawyer

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Contrary to popular belief, bankruptcy is not always a result of irresponsible spending. Frequently reported grounds for bankruptcy include medical conditions, loss of jobs, reduced income, unforeseen expenses and divorce. According to Bklaw, hundreds and thousands of people have at one time in their lives, filed a bankruptcy case. People typically hire a lawyer to assist them through the entire process of filing for bankruptcy. This is a way to ensure that they do not miss out on all the benefits due to them and to ensure that they do not make legal mistakes that would cost them in the long run.

This is not to say that people do not successfully file a bankruptcy case without an attorney. According to, about 25 percent of the cases in some California districts, are filed independently.  However, most of these are chapter 7 bankruptcy cases which are typically straightforward. Chapter 13 filings are usually more complex. If you ever find yourself in need of bankruptcy attorneys, here are some helpful tips on choosing the best one.

Find out What Kind Of Lawyer You Need

If you have decided to hire an attorney to help you file for bankruptcy, then you need a bankruptcy attorney. However, there are different kinds of bankruptcy cases. Most lawyers, who practice bankruptcy, are often qualified to file for any kind of bankruptcy case. However, most of them specialize in specific kinds of cases. Some lawyers have more experience working with individuals filing Chapter 13 and Chapter 7 cases. These kinds of attorneys are known as consumer bankruptcy lawyers. Other attorneys focus on working with businesses to file Chapter 11 and Chapter 7 cases; these are called a business or commercial bankruptcy attorneys.

Where to Find an Attorney

Attorneys are everywhere. Some put out adverts on billboards so huge you can’t miss them, while others have jingles that play daily on radio and television. If you somehow manage to miss those, or if you do not like to work with attorneys who advertise, then you could rely on personal referrals. Ask any member of your family or friends who have ever had to deal with a similar situation, if they could recommend a good bankruptcy attorney.

If you prefer to keep your bankruptcy case a secret from friends and family, then you would find internet search engines to be a useful tool. A simple Google search would bring up a list of countless bankruptcy attorneys closest to where you live. You could copy down their phone numbers, put in a call to their office, and make an appointment to visit. You should never hire a lawyer until you have had an opportunity to have a one-on-one chat with them.

Asides the internet, you can also find an attorney through your local bar association. These kinds of associations often have a referral service. The local bar association can provide you with a list of bankruptcy lawyers who specialize in the kind of bankruptcy case you wish to file.

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  • March 23, 2020 at 11:37 am

    I love that you mentioned that a great way to find an attorney is through personal referrals from family and friends. My cousin may need to find an attorney, and I want to refer one to him, so he won’t need to spend the time to because he has a lot on his plate. He is filing for bankruptcy soon, and will need help to find the best one. To be sure that they will be good for him, I will choose one based off of personal referrals.

  • July 9, 2020 at 10:43 pm

    Peter, I like that you said I should not hire a bankruptcy attorney who I haven’t consulter with personally. I’m considering filing a Chapter 13 bankruptcy so I would be able to keep my property that is being foreclosed by the mortgage company. If I proceed with my plan, I’ll definitely follow your tip and schedule one-on-one consultation with various bankruptcy attorneys before hiring one. Thanks a lot!

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