Panorama, super star of cruise ships is born

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Anyone who has ever enjoyed a cruise knows well the sheer delight the experience brings. One of the largest, Carnival Cruise Lines, is devoted to fun and their newest ship in the fleet takes it to a new and wonderful level. Her name is the Panorama and she was officially launched in Long Beach Harbor on Tuesday, December 10th 2019.

But the story of the Panorama began in March of 2015 when Carnival Corporation made an agreement with Italian ship builder Fineantieri to build five ships for Carnival to be delivered from 2019 through 2022. The third and final Vista class ship to be built by Fineantieri and delivered would be The Carnival Panorama. On October 29 2019 Fineantieri officially delivered the Panorama to Carnival Cruise Lines at the Marghera shipyard in Italy.

The journey from there to Long Beach took 38 days traveling across the Atlantic Ocean through the Strait of Magellan, then up the West Coast of South and Central America before arriving at Long Beach, California.

Then she had to be Christened  and that task was assigned to lovely and talented TV game show hostess Vanna White. Thousands were in attendance on Tuesday December 10 and the assembled crowd cheered as Vanna White officially welcomed the Panorama to the Carnival fleet with a bottle of Moet Champagne.

This truly magnificent ship is more than 1000 feet long and can accommodate more than 4,000 passengers with accommodations ranging from somewhat small but comfortable staterooms to super luxury suites. Every passenger has access to numerous dining facilities including the unique Sky Zone trampoline park, the Waterworks aqua park inspired by Shaquille O’Neil and the Liquid Lounge where many of the shows on board will be presented. And yes there is a casino on board.

One of the many watering holes about the Panorama is the Blue Iguana Tequila Bar which I found to be especially pleasant, in part due to its location and also because it offers beverages both with and without alcohol and of its warm and welcoming design.

The dining options are virtually endless and top tier. Featured dining facilities include the Burger Joint and Smokehouse Brewhouse from Chef Guy Fieri and Bistro 1396 from Emeril Lagasse. Surely gastronomic delights of epic proportions. But on naming night I enjoyed what I believe was the very best shrimp burrito I have ever had. The point is simply this: the Panorama, like every other Carnival cruise ship, is abundant in truly awesome dining options from basic awesome to some of the finest dining experiences on earth.

Eat the very best, enjoy accommodations from very comfortable to mind blowingly awesome, immerse yourself in some of the finest entertainment on our planet, shop at a variety of stores and enjoy fresh sea breezes as you travel around the Pacific Ocean on Carnival Cruise Lines newest ship the Panorama.

The very first Panorama cruise departed Long beach on December 1 for a short three-day venture to Ensenada and then back to Long Beach. After that warm up cruise the Panorama will sail each week from Long Beach to the Mexican Riviera with stops at Cabo San Lucas, Mazatlan and Puerto Vallarta.

Carnival Cruise Line is part of a publicly traded [NYSE:CUK] company Carnival Corporation & PLC and is known as “The World’s Most Popular Cruise Line (R)” with 27 ships offering a variety of cruise options ranging from two to sixteen day cruise voyages to The Bahamas, Caribbean, Mexican Riviera, Hawaii, Alaska, Canada, New England, Bermuda, Europe, Australia, New Zealand and several of the Pacific Islands.

Each and every one of these cruises offer comfortable accommodations, virtually endless on board entertainment, sensational dining options and one hundred percent fun. So far I have had the great pleasure of sailing aboard Carnival’s Inspiration and Imagination; both short cruises from Long Beach to Catalina Island and Ensenada, Mexico. But while short in duration both experiences were extremely long in delight while imparting powerful and joyous lifelong memories loaded with some real fun.

If you would like to know more about Carnival Cruise Lines simply visit their website at:

And just one final note to express just how positive and powerful the Carnival cruise experience can be. No too long ago I wrote a book entitled: HAIKU STYLE PASSION HEART. On page 26 of that book you will find a photograph of a Carnival cruise ship in Ensenada. Then on page 36 you will find my little Haiku poem about one of my Carnival cruises. It really isn’t such a big deal except that there really aren’t all that many things that inspire me to write even a short poem about them. If at all intrigued you can visit here.

Photos by Ron Irwin