How to Get Started in Football Betting

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Everywhere you look, it seems like most people are partaking in sports betting. With the football season right around the corner, it may feel like now is the time to figure out what all this is about and get in on the trend.

But before you go diving in and placing your first bet, you need to know the basic steps for getting started. Follow this guide and you will be ready to start betting on football when the season begins.

Choose a Sportsbook

Before you can do anything, you have to sign up for a sportsbook. After all, football betting online is super popular and there are seemingly a million ways to start betting. Narrowing down your choice from the dozens of online sportsbooks can feel like a daunting task.

The cool thing is that just about all of them offer some kind of welcome bonus. You might get your initial deposit matched. You might have your first bet covered in the event of a loss. You might even get bonus bets just for making a qualifying first bet. Whether betting on football or playing online games, any advantage can be a difference maker.

Make a Deposit

When you have signed up for a sportsbook, likely based on one of the aforementioned offers, the next step is going to be to make a deposit. The cool thing is that just about any banking method you choose will result in a nearly instant deposit. You can get money into your account and start betting before you know it.

What amount you start with is up to you. Some sportsbooks will have a minimum deposit of just $10, so you can start small and see where things take you. Check the deposit limits ahead of time so you know what kind of guidelines you are working within before you start betting.

Choose Your Bet

Now comes one of the most important parts of the entire process. Check out all of the available games and find the one that looks best to you. Maybe it’s a game featuring a team you know better than the others. Maybe it’s a game you have a gut feeling about and want to throw a few bucks on the outcome.

It is better to keep things simple, at least at first. Go with the money line picks because all you need to do is choose a winner. It keeps things from getting too confusing or complicated, allowing you to focus on your pick. You will eventually get the hang of things and branch out but start with the basics first.

Post Your Stake

The final step in the betting process is to post a stake. The stake is how much you plan to wager. When you make a bet, it will populate in the bet slip. When you’re ready to finalize your pick, make your way to the bet slip and review your pick. The next step in the process is important, so pay attention.

You will either need to post a stake or use one of your bonus bets (if you have one). The stake comes directly from your bankroll, so bet conservatively to get the most out of your money. If you have a bonus bet, don’t post a stake. Choose “use bonus bet” instead and select one of your available bets. You may even be able to adjust the wager amount depending on the sportsbook. Review your pick and your wager, then click “place bet” to finalize it. All that’s left to do is hope for a winner!