Hypocrisy: It’s the American way

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So the crybabies got what they wanted.  Looks like Will Ferrell has decided to drop out of the movie project where he was to play President Reagan while dealing with Alzheimer’s in the White House. This was offensive to the PC brats who clearly know bad taste when they hear about it.

Now before you go off on me and say I have no sympathy for families that have to deal with Alzheimer’s, you are dead wrong.  My father died of from it and my mother died from Lewy Body Dementia. Yes, dementia is a terrible thing to witness. However, so are car wrecks, cancer, rape, murder, incest, and a whole host of other things as well, but it is okay for Hollywood to profit off of them by working them into story lines.

Dr. Strangelove did a great job of making fun of nuclear war while the Japanese were still not that far removed from Hiroshima and Nagasaki.  But that’s alright because 200,000 Americans did not die from the two blasts.

We’re fine with Charlie Hebdo depicting Islam and its prophet in the most disgusting ways and then claim to defend free speech when ISIS strikes back at them. Then again, we are a Christian country and it is alright to poke fun at all other religions. It says so in the Bible, I think in the book of Hypocrisy.

sThere seems to be nothing wrong with protesters resorting to violence when they protest against what they claim is Donald Trump’s encouragement of violence by his supporters. Did I miss something when I studied Gandhi?

College students have become so thin-skinned that many of the nation’s top comics refuse to perform on campuses because students object to the humor they’re forced to hear. At least they would have you believe they are forced to hear it, but then think nothing of how funny it is to post a video of a themselves farting ping pong balls into beer cups and then drinking the beer.

One of the great things about our country has been its ability to laugh at itself. Now we can not even do this. Believe it or not, the premise of a president with Alzheimer’s making decisions, big or small, can be very funny. I guess it would be okay if the president were George W. Bush. After all, he was portrayed a buffoon by Michael Moore (no relation to me thank God) and was applauded by the same people who shove PC crap down our throats. You see, when it’s one of them doing it, it is called smart, intelligent, and film-making at its best.  However, well, you either get my point or forget what I am talking about. It doesn’t matter.

Remember, among the many horrible things Hitler did was to remove a sense of humor from the German people. If you do not believe me, name a German comedian. Come on, I’m waiting.  It’s not a generalization. I was in Germany last summer and let me tell you, they don’t even have a sense of humor when they’re drunk. Hitler bred it out of them and that’s just what the PC Police want to do to us. Thankfully, the Jews who escaped Germany hung on to their humor. Do you really think a filmmaker could get away with Spring Time For Hitler today? Oh wait, you can make that film if it pokes fun at the current leader of North Korea. Just leave the Gipper out of it. Have we forgotten Reagan is the same guy who starred opposite a chimp in Bedtime For Bonzo and was out-acted in the process?

Freedom of speech is great. Yes, it allows PC hypocrites to piss and moan about a film they have yet to see. However, freedom of speech becomes more powerful when you allow that film to be made and released to the public and then boycott it. Let the producers of the film lose their shirts, and minds, by realizing the film was in bad taste.

I am telling you, there is a ton of humor to be mined in the concept of Reagan as POTUS while ill. How did he survive an assassination attempt that nearly killed him? Maybe because he forgot he was shot. Maybe he also did not remember the details of the Iran/Contra deal. Perhaps he had no idea “Born In The USA” was a song that was a statement about Vietnam because he never remembered the Vietnam War. We’ll never know because a bunch of humorless wet farts have chased away one of the funniest actors we have, one who would have slayed the role of Reagan, and in the process probably killed the film.

Oh well, at least I will rest well knowing we will all soon forget about this.