Jail Scandal: Retired captain agrees to plead guilty

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If you thought the latest season of HBO’s “True Detective” was just complete fiction based off a few loose facts about the coming high speed rail, well it has some elements that are closer to “True” than you might realize.

As reported by the Los Angeles Times, the L.A. County jail system, the Twin Towers in particular, has been under federal investigation for more than four years and several officials have been indicted while others have been found guilty and sentenced. The highest ranking officer from the Sheriff’s Department to face punishment for a role in the scandal is retired captain William “Tom” Carey.

In return for pleading guilty to one count of lying — obstructing justice (he lied in court testimony), and having three other charges dropped, Carey will have to cooperate with the federal prosecutors in their case against former undersheriff and Mayor of Gardena, Paul Tanaka, who has pleaded Not Guilty and in a possible case against former sheriff Lee Baca, who has not been charged with anything at this time, but remains a focus of the investigation.

The only thing missing from this scenario is a West Hollywood bungalow with hidden cameras and the accouterments needed for weird fetishes. But the investigation isn’t over, so who knows?

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