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Jared Goff gets his first workout in

After the whirlwind that comes with being the No.1 overall pick, Jared Goff on Friday finally suited up in his new Los Angeles Rams gear and reported for rookie mini camp in Oxnard and said, “I had a really good first day.”

“It’s awesome,” Goff said after the workout. “Again, it’s just a lot of fun to get back out here with the guys and be able to kind of enjoy football again, and get out of the whole pre-draft process and be able to actually play again. It’s nice.”

Coming into the pros from Cal, Goff has to learn new terminology, and has been working on it for the past week. He compared it to learning a new language, like Spanish, and needing to become fluent in it.

“There’s a lot of stuff that translates that I understand that’s just a different word. There’s a lot of stuff that I am learning,” Goff said. “But today, it went really well. I felt like I picked it up as the day went on and got better.”

The native of Novato, Calif., said he’s trying to pick up the terminology as quickly as he can, and that the Rams coaches are teaching it in a way that makes it easy for him.

He added that a lot of things he learned at Cal are translating, especially the “gun stuff.”

Players trained almost at half speed on Friday, Goff said, and that it was a bit hard on him and the receivers because they’re on different timing, but worth it to prevent injury. Goff said what he saw looked pretty good, and that the film will tell more.

Goff added it was nice to get all of the quarterback reps at the practice.

Rookie orientation had been “meetings all day up until now” with player development and the like, so it was nice to “get to sweat a little bit, throw the ball around, play catch,” he said.

Goff said he still hasn’t met too many veteran players, but that he’s received a bunch of texts and he’s excited to work with them eventually.

The No. 1 pick affirmed he is trying to insert himself as a leader – without jumping too far ahead.

“You want to just be the guy you are and the person you are and be the leader of my rookie class, per se,” he said. “Again, just work as hard as I can and make every buy in and be a good teammate and be the best player I can be.”

The practice took place in Oxnard, miles away from the Rams’ home base, so Goff hasn’t had a true taste of all the attention that comes with playing in Los Angeles. He isn’t planning to let it distract him from the work at hand.

“I’m not going to worry about all of this because this doesn’t really matter that much. I’m just going to get better every day and continue to try to be the best player and teammate I can be,” Goff said. “And let all of you guys come here every day and film me, and just enjoy it.”

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