Just Enough Wines Debuts at San Diego Blended Festival

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This year, Just Enough Wines joined the Blended Festival lineup right here in San Diego! After touring Austin, Nashville, and most recently, San Diego, Blended is becoming known for being an extravagant social event full of festivities.

The Blended Festival offered guests multiple musical experiences, including live DJs, bands, and solo artists. The Festival also incorporated culinary stages featuring renowned chefs, food trucks, local and national restaurateurs, and even pop-ups offering a taste of their star delicacies. Blended even had a wellness lounge that provided an itinerary of curated workshops and activities, therapies, meet and greets, and speakers.

Though, the most exciting part of the Blended festivities was the prized centerpiece: a 100-foot tall wine tent for sampling the delectable tastes of local and international wines. Hosted by My Wine Society, the tent offered a refreshing reprise from the hot golden sunlight saturating the dancing and singing festival-goers on the grounds. This year, Just Enough Wines joined the tent’s notoriously top-tier lineup of vendors. In the spotlight is its collection of environmentally friendly and sommelier-endorsed canned wines.

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“With great music and great wine, Blended is a perfect match for Just Enough to have the wine in an outdoor setting,” said Jessica Hershfield, Founder, and CEO.

Hershfield’s words of wisdom certainly rang true during Blended this year; Just Enough canned wines were perfect for the festival day. The cans are portable and easy to toss into a tote, a backpack, or even carried by hand with the exact fit and comfort of a water bottle.

Each Just Enough can is decorated in a contemporary design of pastels and white and is infinitely recyclable. Opting for cans over bottles or boxes is a mindful, sustainable choice to reduce the carbon footprint involved in the production and distribution of wine.

However, Just Enough Wine is more than an aesthetic can filled with a mouthwatering beverage; Just Enough Wine is genuinely committed to sustainability and protecting our planet. Partnering with ‘1% For the Planet,’ Just Enough Wine donates some of its profits to environmentally friendly non-profit organizations. ‘1% for the Planet’ helps facilitate the connection to approved non-profits, keeping the brand accountable to its commitment.

Festival-goers had the chance to revel in the full effect of Just Enough Wines during the last of the summer sun at Blended Festival. Just Enough Wines had all of their flawlessly curated flavors available for tasting during the Blended Festival. Ticket holders were given two complimentary tastings, with additional tastings available for purchase. In addition, celebrity sommelier Matthew Lauren attended Blended and was prepared throughout the weekend to answer all wine-related inquiries and assist attendees with navigating the wines.

With over 11 years of experience, Ross Bentley, Head of Wine Operations and vinification veteran spearheaded a range of flavors that have been mindfully curated to meet the needs of any and everyone’s palate.

Bentley’s Rosé is a sweet wine with notes of summer melon, crispy minerality, and juicy berries. Just Enough’s Chardonnay parallels the Rosé’s sweetness with citrus and smoke, hints of lemon zest, refreshing pears, and creamy vanilla bean. A fan favorite, Just Enough’s Pinot Noir holds a unique tart flavor with notes of bright raspberries, vanilla spice, and a tangy cherry finish. Finally, Brut Bubbles, a refreshing experience with hints of ripe nectarine, spring flowers, and a citrusy lime essence.

Just Enough Wines are seasons in a bottle: the fresh, fruity taste of summer, the floral vanilla bean spring, the smoky, rich flavors of autumn, and the refreshing winter frost.

“Just as our wines reflect the distinct taste of the locations they are derived from, they also reflect the vintage,” explained the company. “Each variety has a specific vintage which indicates the year the grapes were harvested.”

This trailblazing company carefully pieced together unfussy premium wines that hail from a mindful, sustainable supply chain. From their roots in sustainably (SIP) certified vineyards and Low Input Viticulture and Enology (LIVE) vineyards, all the way to their minimal-interference policy for fermentation, Just Enough Wines is reinventing vinification for the better.

“We believe you don’t need to choose between quality and convenience,” Just Enough Wines stated. “That’s why we created a canned wine that does both!”

Sustainable, transparent, and delectable, Just Enough Wines’ unconventional brand is changing the winemaking industry one can at a time! Their latest appearance at Blended 2021 is just another example of how this beloved company is setting itself apart in the industry!