Kavanaugh hearings are only about politics … and beer

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The latest stench coming out of Washington, D.C. has to do with whether or not the Senate should vote to confirm Brett Kavanaugh for a lifetime appointment to the Supreme Court.

The Republican men at the hearing (YouTube)

Were Kavanaugh to be interviewing for any non-political job and the claims made against him were to come to light to the interviewing committee, it is safe to assume he would be removed from consideration for a job. At the very least, the committee would choose to at least investigate the claims in greater detail.

However, this is not an ordinary job and both the Democrats and Republicans are going to every extent to show the voting public just how far they will go in the name of party politics.

Demonstrators protest President Donald Trump’s Supreme Court nominee, U.S. Circuit Court Judge Brett Kavanaugh, outside the high court Monday night. (Photo ©2018 Doug Christian/TMN)

When Senator Lindsey Graham claims the process and treatment of Judge Kavanaugh to be the worst sham he has seen in politics, he is, with all due respect, full of shit. This sham he speaks of is as much the end result of his party refusing to consider anyone nominated by President Obama for the open court seat in 2016. Even their claim then of it being an election year proves bogus given that this is another election year. The only difference is this year, the GOP knows it is going to get its ass handed to them so this is likely to be their final chance of ramming through another conservative on the court.

What amazes me about the GOP is not so much their hypocrisy, but rather their reliance on the stupidity of the American voter, most of whom, if they voted for Trump, have long since forgotten what the Right did to Obama. Those who do remember have no trouble saying the end justifies the means. If you are in power, rule with an iron fist, especially if that fist was used to pin down a young woman and grope her.

The fact the Party Of Old White Men were unable to find a token woman or minority to place on the court just shows you how embolden they feel. They could have nominated Clarence Thomas today and nothing Anita Hill had to say would have made any difference. They do not care what detractors have to say and they sure do not care what the appearance of their out of touch ways tells the rest of the world. In their minds, this is only a country for Old White Men and if it is to remain that way, it is imperative they recruit a new batch of younger ones to fill their shoes down the road.

The Democrat men and women at the hearings (YouTube)

When the GOP loses big in November, they will double down and work that much harder to keep us a nation divided because they have long since jumped the shark and refuse to compromise with a political party they see as a threat to what they want us to believe is the American way of life, when in reality it is nothing more than business as usual with no hope for change.

Now, this does not mean Democrats are the party of the higher ground. They aren’t. They too are guilty of using these hearings to expand their base and to add to the divide of this nation. Women all across this nation have every right to be pissed off at how they have been tuned out by the GOP, but they should also know they are simply being used by Democrats for their own gain.

Democrats know there is little they can do to halt the Republican controlled Senate from confirming Judge Kavanaugh. However, whether you believe they created the impression of misconduct on the judge’s part or have actual evidence of it, they have seized the opportunity to turn the hearings into a battle of the sexes as a rallying cry to increase voter turnout this fall.

Their aggressive opposition of the Kavanaugh nomination does not just appeal to any woman who has been left to feel powerless because of how they were mistreated during their lives by men. It appeals to any group of voters who have ever felt this way. Their work should result in an increase of not just women fed up with the lack of respectful treatment in a white male controlled nation, it will also appeal to the LGBT community, blacks, browns, and any other color of people this nation has that continually gets the short end of the stick.

Dr. Christine Blasey Ford (YouTube)

However, many from the left today are also the same ones who vigorously defended a man by the name of Bill Clinton and screamed at the political gamesmanship played by the GOP during his Lewinski scandal.

All of this boils down to opportunism and at this point, what Kavanaugh may or may not have done is irrelevant, what matters is winning and there is no price either side is not willing to pay to come out on top of this process. The one thing both sides can agree on is the end justifies the means.