Kentucky woman: Religious mockery unfolding

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Somewhere in America, there are rooms filled with government employees whose job is to spot internet postings, phone conversations, and emails that might indicate a citizen is planning to join up with ISIS. Why bother when the media coverage of Kim Davis serves as a great recruiting tool for our Muslim enemy?

If you ever wanted to see a religious mockery unfold, just tune into the coverage of what has been going on in Rowan County, Kentucky. It’s enough to make most people wonder whether or not we would miss Kentucky if the state collapsed under its collective ignorance.

How does one go about having an intelligent conversation with Davis, or one of her many supporters, who thinks because she chooses not to do the job she swore on a Bible to do that she is a victim of religious persecution? Where in that Bible does it say you can run for public office under false pretense so long as you do not issue marriage licenses to gay couples?

What does that Bible say about multiple marriages and divorces or giving birth out of wedlock? Davis has clearly missed her calling in life. She should be teaching courses on Christian Studies because somehow she understands the Bible better than just about anyone else.

I suppose she has been receiving a lot of help from another Bible master, Mike Huckabee. The Republican presidential candidate has been fully supportive of Davis even though she is a Democrat because after all, government and the law of the land means nothing in his version of the USA (United Spiritual America). While Huckabee condemns ISIS for trying to force their absurd version of Islam on the Middle East, he really believes the United States should become a “Christian” state where religious law supplants our Constitution.

Does Huckabee really believe his view of Christianity reflects what the voters think? Of course not. This is why he is willing to use whatever means necessary to force-feed it down our throats — which should make him as scary as a room full of Kentucky men trying to figure out who gets to be the next person to marry Kim Davis.

We now know it is just a matter of time before Huckabee announces Davis as his choice for Vice President which can only make Sarah Palin look like a fantastic selection to be Donald Trump’s energy secretary. Is there a presidential candidate out there willing to go on record and promise to build a wall around Kentucky if they are elected next year?

Does anyone want to join me in starting a #KentuckyLivesDon’tMatter movement? And why, if you are a gay couple, would you even want to get married in Kentucky when there are more open-minded states like Mississippi and Alabama?

If my making a mockery of all this means I am destined to spend eternity in Hell, I should begin looking for a home in Rowan County where it is clear the Devil and his offspring reside.

However, until then, I will continue to allow my soul to rot in California, where normal is pretty much everything that Kentuckians view to be amoral. Maybe I should just build a wall around myself.