L.A. Paradise in the Valley

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Friends (Photo by Kyle Levy)
(Photo by Kyle Levy)

Living in this great city is an absolute pleasure. There is so much to see and do all of the time — and the weather is phenomenal.

The rest of the country is freezing cold (with the exception of Florida probably), but Angelenos bask in the warm sun, run around in t-shirts and shorts and even go to the beach. This is paradise.

That being said, Los Angeles is also a city based on the concept of separate identifiable neighborhoods. It’s a blessing and a curse.

For example, one can drive to Koreatown and get amazing food, sing karaoke and bowl. Or go to the Boulevard in Hollywood and see the handprints of some of the most famous actors of all time.

Amy Adams with the author and his friends (Photo by Kyle Levy)
Amy Adams with the author and his friends
(Photo by Kyle Levy)

There are so many more that it would be impossible to describe them all and that’s the beauty of the “neighborhood” aspect of LA. However, this mentality also seems to inhibit venturing out into the unknown.

It’s odd how people seem to not leave their area unless they absolutely have to. I’m guilty of it myself. I only live an hour from the beach at most, but sometimes that just seems so far …

However, last night some friends gathered a small group and we all went out to the “other world” known as The Valley. More specifically Oil Can Harry’s, a gay country-western-themed bar. It wasn’t my first time at this bar, but it was by far the best!

It was a blast in fact. There was dancing, drinking and even karaoke on the top floor!

Even Amy Adams made a surprise cameo and surprised us all with a rendition of “Defying Gravity” that wasn’t bad at all. But the best part of it all is that we all dressed up! Yep. The whole nine yards — cowboy hats and everything.

  • Amy Adams with the author (Photo by Kyle Levy)
    Amy Adams with the author
    (Photo by Kyle Levy)

    She’s currently starring in American Hustle.

One funny thing about that, we all met up in West Hollywood first and everyone was staring and laughing as we sipped our fruity martinis. Oh well. We probably made their night.

Regardless, it was so much fun and it was a genuinely good time out with friends. And to think we might not have ever given that bar a shot just because it’s in Studio City.

It was liberating and in a way therapeutic. Occasionally getting out of one’s comfort zone really makes a difference, and you might even be surprised at what you find.