Liberal media needs Donald Trump

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While it is generally assumed most major media outlets lean left, it should not be assumed they will ensure a Hillary Clinton victory this fall. With the exception of Fox News, our liberal media gets blamed by conservatives for conspiring to bring them down while going soft on Clinton. There is, however, something we tend to forget about the “liberal media” and that is they have a much greater love for ratings than anything else.

What does the liberal media stand to gain from a Hillary Clinton White House? Think about it. If she gets elected, only hard core conservatives will dwell on Benghazi or her emails unless something new comes out of an investigation. Baby Boomers have no more interest in what, or who Bill is up to. Unless Hillary gets caught red-handed with a White House intern, all we have in a Clinton presidency is policy and let’s face it, no one cares much about it now and will care less in another year.

However, a Trump presidency offers the CNN’s of the world a wealth of riches to report on. Which heads of state will Donald offend? How long before he tests the nuclear code? Does Trump let Chris Christie take home all the left overs from White House dinners? Will there be a cat fight between Melania and Ivanka? And most importantly, can Trump golf with greater frequency than Obama?

A Donald Trump presidency stands to make the Kardashians irrelevant, which in itself may be reason enough to vote for the guy. If that happens, 2020 is bound to see us choosing between a second Trump term or replacing him with the politically-gifted Kanye West.

It’s not easy being a media talking head. Sometimes it is difficult to fake excitement or concern over an issue that will soon be forgotten under a 24 hour news cycle. But with Donald in charge, he will make sure we never fughet about him and what he is doing. If you think the NFL Network was God’s gift to football fans, just wait until Trump starts the White House Network and shoves himself down our throats 24/7. He’ll brag about all the money it is bringing in and then laugh at us all when he leaves politics and continues to capitalize off the network he owns.

What liberal media mouth will be able to stay silent over the slightest thing Trump does? Their built in disgust for him will be what drives them to talk themselves silly when they are not writing best selling books about this one person political circus. Hillary will be of little use to these same people once she is in the White House, which means the media will have to decide whether or not to drudge up old stories about her or focus on their more sleep-inducing coverage of the day’s events, which only serve to remind us just how uneventful most days are.

Of course, this screws up Fox News which has always thrived on reminding us just how fair they are because they are the only people who really keep an eye on the Democrats. With Trump in the White House, they have nothing to talk about. Imagine, Bill O’Reilly will have to debate his own unique perspectives on the likes of Lincoln in his talking points because he does not dare take on Donald. How much ass kissing do we want to see from Sean Hannity?

A Trump presidency will be a huge victory for the liberal media. They’ll have no shortage of political nonsense to talk about while relishing in watching their lone conservative enemy with any clout silenced. That has to mean more to them than anything a Hillary Clinton presidency can offer.