Lift Tables Help Prevent Job Site Injuries  

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Job site injuries are one of the largest concerns for businesses of all sizes. They can account for some of the highest expenditures for Workers’ Compensation and other related costs. All reasonable measures should be taken by employers to minimize job site risks and hazards to keep the incidence of accidents and injuries to a minimum. One such simple action would be to purchase lift tables for areas where workers are required to transport materials that could cause injury.

Move Items Quickly and Safely

Traditionally, workers would move items using only manpower, but with the addition of the lift table, performing these tasks has become safer and more efficient. By simply operating the scissor lift table, items can be transported without causing injuries and in a fraction of the time, it would take multiple workers to perform the same action. This reduces manpower and helps save money too.

Multiple Functions

There are several types of lift tables for just about every type of job. Many of those tables can provide multiple uses. For example, they can be used in a production facility or can even be used for assembly and packaging. Once the item has been processed, the lift table can simply be operated as intended to transfer the item to another location and then returned to fulfill additional workloads. It is a multi-purpose solution to an age-old safety issue that all companies should take seriously.

There are several types of lift tables to choose from including; single scissor, double scissor, tandem for long items. and low profile tables. The single scissor is the most commonly used and can handle a wide variety of tasks. For higher lift, the double scissor table can assist workers in lifting heavy items up to 4 meters in the air. This particular table makes risky job tasks much safer. The tandem can not only handle long items, but it provides a larger table surface for larger jobs. The low profile lift table is ideal in situations where the table needs to be moved by way of a pallet lift rather than a traditional pit-style installation.

Any industry using workers to transport items or assemble items that can pose a threat should consider equipping their facility with affordable, safe lift tables. They can save business money and time while increasing the overall productivity of their business.