Los Angeles has gone too far with parking tickets

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It is reasonable to assume that any city large or small do everything it reasonably can to help prevent criminal activity within its jurisdiction and against its citizens, But what can the citizens do when a city, in this case the City of Los Angeles, engages in criminal acts against its citizen and those who are simply visiting their city. I’ve never heard of such a thing. How is that even possible you may wonder. Please consider this:

The supreme law of our nation is the United States Constitution. Any and all laws passed and enforced by any jurisdiction within the United States of America must always conform to the mandates of the U.S. Constitution, even the City of Los Angeles. In this particular instance I refer to the Fifth Amendment of the U. S. Constitution which reads in part: “No person shall — be deprived of life, liberty. or property without due process of law.” [Emphasis added].  So let’s see now how the City of Los Angeles. Department of Parking Enforcement & Traffic Control under the severely failed leadership of its Chief, Devon Farfan complies with the Constitutional mandate of depriving people of their property, which includes money, without due process of law.

With very rare exception under American civil law all across the nation a civil suit may not proceed until such time as the Plaintiff can prove to the satisfaction of the Court that each Defendant has been properly served either directly or through an authorized representative such as a Registered Agent in the case of corporations. With a parking ticket the officer merely prints the ticket and places it on the windshield of the allegedly offending vehicle.

The wind can blow it away or some person other than the owner or driver of the allegedly offending vehicle may simply remove the ticket meaning that in some cases there is absolutely no legally sufficient service of process. Okay so this is just a parking ticket, no big deal right? No, absolutely wrong because in the City of Los Angeles the fines increase substantially and rapidly if the ticket is not promptly paid. Now consider this case.

The documentation (Ron Irwin)

My daughter has been routinely driving a vehicle register to her mother. One night several months ago my daughter may have received a ticket. She says that she did not but the City of Los Angeles says she did, but by the time her mother found out the fine had already jumped from about $56 to about $75. When I saw the ticket information the City of Los Angeles indicated in their paperwork that the offending vehicle was a Toyota. No one in our family owns a Toyota so I wrote to the Parking Enforcement department for the City of Los Angeles pointing out to them that the vehicle their enforcement officer claims to have been in violation was not our vehicle and that therefore their ticket was erroneous and unenforceable.

They didn’t agree and soon I got yet another notice this time demanding payment of $96.00 which I grudgingly paid under duress. I have included with this article a copy of my check payable to the City of Los Angeles in amount of $96.00 with the ticket number printed on the front of the check. The city cashed that check but then came their criminal behavior.

On November 30thI went to AAA to renew the registration on the vehicle in question. I was soon informed that my registration had been blocked by the Department of Motor Vehicles at the request of the City of Los Angeles for non-payment of a parking fine. This time the amount had jumped to $126.00. That I had a cancelled check showing full payment on November 15thdidn’t matter. I could either pay the additional $126.00 and renew my registration or not pay that additional amount for a ticket already paid in full in which case I would be at significant risk of receiving one or move citations by law enforcement for driving a vehicle out of registration.

That element created a significant level of coercion. The ticket had clearly been paid in full two weeks earlier yet I was faced with paying yet another $126.00 or run the very real risk of almost certain further penalties, in other words I had become a victim of theft by coercion perpetrated by Devon Farfan and her pack of criminals called Parking Enforcement. How is this any different from some robber saying “give me your wallet or I will shoot you.” In my case submit to our unlawful demands or expect further penalties and harassment. I submitted because again it is a car driven almost exclusively by my daughter.

But one other element here is deeply disturbing. How is it in any manner, right, proper or even legal for the Department of Motor Vehicles to act as a collection agency for the City of Los Angeles? But as awful as all of this is it get worse, much worse.

Devon Farfan
(City of Los Angeles)

I recently had a conversation with a man very well placed within the entertainment industry and so for many reasons I shall not use his name. After I told him my little story he told me his and it blew me away. A while ago now his automobile was stolen while parked in the City of Los Angeles. He called the police and was told that they would not dispatch an officer for a simple grand theft auto but rather he needed to go to the nearest police station and fill out a report.

This man was clearly the victim of a felony, yet LAPD was only interested in the paperwork. Making matters even worse he soon received in the mail a letter from the City of Los Angeles Parking Enforcement claiming that he needed to pay a significant sum for a parking violation apparently committed by the person who stole his car. When he called Parking Enforcement and offered the police report number the person from Parking Enforcement said that they had no way to check on the police report and that he could either pay the fine or be subject to arrest.

Wow! He was already a victim of theft and now he was being threatened by the City of Los Angeles with his arrest essentially for being a victim. Oh, and the DMV confiscation approach wouldn’t work in this case because the car had been totaled and registration had become irrelevant so Devon Farfan and her thugs threatened to have him arrested for daring to be a victim and refusing to pay an utterly ridiculous parking fine. To avoid further pain he too capitulated to the coercion and threats of the Farfan gang and paid a ticket he clearly did not by any reasonable standard owe.

So what do we do? I say everything we can to rid the City of Los Angeles of the Farfan gang and if necessary even the Godfather himself Eric Garcetti. To that end I solicit your assistance by asking any and all of you who may have suffered similar victimization to please send your story to me by email at drcommunicator@gmail.com

Please be as thorough as possible and I need to see some evidence of your claim but I promise I will not publish your name. It is my sole goal to do all I can to remove this criminal element from the government of the City of Los Angeles.

Top photo is a YouTube screenshot of hidden parking signs