Love in a Bipolar World: What I secretly crave

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“To succeed in life you need two things: ignorance and confidence.” – Mark Twain

DanceSometimes my values are missing, yet I have compassion for everyone, well almost everyone. My morals stink of s#!t, and my confidence is raging! Lately I have been asking questions to myself; am I a real man?  How do I climb out of this? Is my love polluted? Where do I fit in in all this?

Recovery:  I was baptized into religion (not by choice.) I have been “born again,” hands on prayer, all that; but soon after, my demons have always enticed me back to the vile. This time I am relying on my spirituality (instead of religion) and my Celexa to guide me into recovery and hopefully find my part in the universe. I don’t want to be an asshole anymore, to anyone, including me.

Surreal RealityBeLIEve: After a while I stopped believing in the religious fairy tales, when all I had seen was a contradiction, which at times I echoed that same contradiction. I am not criticizing any creed. Even though I no longer trust in religion, I still believe the foundation of most faiths; teaching of love, “you reap what you sow”, “do onto others”, etc., is universal law.

Plus, church-power has saved me in the past. In the 1990’s I was in front of a Tarrant County judge, facing two years and walked out that day a free man. I contributed my miracle to a small Bible I had in the pocket of my inmate uniform. I have always found courtrooms to be intimidating, (I have played the defendant many times, both in real life and TV, any government building makes me sweat.) Funny how I have met the most devout people in county jails awaiting trail, I should know, I used to be one of them. Desperation makes faith a lot more clear.

TV Bad GuyDoubt: I am on a constant search for descriptions that lie in between my thoughts of gratification and doubt. I find solace in my secluded ideas. There are times when the fear is overwhelming. It takes all I have to gather the strength to pull myself out by changing the channel in my head. I am emotionally vulnerable at times, yet I can totally bomb on stage and walk away completely shrugging off humiliation, with the help of Jack Daniels. Sometimes I feel disgusted with myself, other times I think, “I’m tha’ s#!t!” with delusional evidence to back me up.

Satisfaction:  When they ask, “do you ever feel like hurting yourself or others?” I gotta say no, otherwise it’s lockdown at the ICU in the “Loony Bin” for me! I have experienced all kinds of Loony Bins. I was locked up in a psych ward in Texas when I was 18 years old. A couple of times they had to tie me  down to a mattress on the floor in a padded pink room after they injected me with something (to this day I still don’t know what it was) and I floated off to La La Land, 24 years later.

Looney BinNow I play the Loony Bin Comedy Club chain in America’s heartland; Little Rock, Oklahoma City, Tulsa and Wichita. When I was the opening act for Tommy Chong and he said, “Good job, Danny,” with a smile on his face …When the Tommy Chong (from the funniest movies I watched as a kid, Cheech & Chong) said my name, it was a huge validation!

Tommy ChongAs far as my bipolar love goes; I just want both of us smiling, still in love, instead of trying to be the winner. I tried saying things to her I didn’t mean so I could walk away mad and feeling falsely triumphant. Self-seeking pride is love’s worst enemy.

I want to tell her I love her as I board the bus leaving Texas to my next gig in Arizona, and then back home to California.

Border PatrolCrave: I never want the good times to end, even at the cost of enduring some bad times to get there. I will appreciate where I am in the moment, but wish I could hide in the comfort of her place where I can sleep in security. I want my kids to love me again … regardless of me.

Still my questions linger unanswered. Maybe some of the inquiries don’t have a solution in this lifetime or an answer that I am ready to understand. Possibly seeking and learning the authentic value that underlines the question could be the satisfaction I am looking for. What am I really looking for? Now this bigger question influences me.

Danny Keaton
Standup Comedian – Writer – Lover – Bastard

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