Maitreya is coming, according to this reader

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Letter to the Editor:

Astronomically, about every 2,500 years our solar system comes into alignment with a constellation of the Zodiac. Until recently our solar system was aligned with Pisces. Now it is aligned with Aquarius. Hence we are in the Age of Aquarius.

Each constellation brings certain qualities of energy for humanity to absorb and move its evolution forward. With the energies from Pisces waning, the structures and systems upon which they are based are failing. Unable to serve people’s needs the current political and economic systems around the world are leaving people disenfranchised, angry, and demanding change.

Sadly, many people respond more to the old Piscean energies and look to the divisive ways of the past for solutions. However, the young and young at heart are responding to the synthesizing and unifying energies that continue to wax in Aquarius. They desire a world that manifests love, oneness, brotherhood, sharing, justice, freedom, and unity in diversity. Thankfully, help is at hand at this turning point in history.

Maitreya (My-tray-uh) has come to inaugurate the Age of Aquarius and show humanity the way forward. He is known to the world’s major religions as the Christ, the Buddha, Imam Mahdi, Bodhisattva, Krishna and the Messiah. He left His retreat in the Himalayas and returned to the everyday world, entering London, England on July 19, 1977. Hence, He fulfills the expectations of the world’s major religions for the return of a great Teacher.

However, Maitreya is not a religious teacher. Rather, He is a teacher in the broadest sense of the word – the World Teacher. And He will remain with us for the entire Age of Aquarius, which will last approximately 2,500 years.

His message is simple: we are all brothers, and only by equitably sharing the world’s bountiful resources among all people will we manifest love, justice, freedom, unity, and brotherhood. And justice will lead to the trust between people and nations needed for global disarmament and world peace. Humanity’s highest ideas will become manifest once and for all time in the world

Maitreya has been giving television interviews around the world for several years. He does not use His real name and makes no claim to status. He comes across as an ordinary person, but with extraordinary insight into our many man-made problems. As Maitreya does more and more interviews, He will become known around the world. People everywhere will begin to ask who this person is with such deep insight and practical solutions to the world’s problems.

Soon the world’s major media will invite Him to address the world: the Day of Declaration. Everyone will see Maitreya on TV, personal computers, and mobile devices. However, He will not speak, but will be heard telepathically (inwardly) in one’s own language. Among other things He will clarify the choice before humanity: to continue in the competitive ways of the past and eventually destroy all life on Earth, or accept sharing, brotherhood and love as the way forward and know a brilliant future where humanity’s highest ideals are manifest. The end is known from the beginning. And Maitreya says He knows our answer and is glad.

The Day of Declaration is expected very soon, after a predicted collapse of the world’s stock markets takes place. This will help to free humanity from the enthrallment of materialism and reorient our priorities toward sharing and unity.