America’s real Trump problem

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I have nothing new to add of insight behind our president and his seemingly unending assault on the office that has withstood each of his predecessors. Like many of you, I read the news stories and try to see what both the real news and fake news cover (fake being sources like Fox). I prefer to listen to quotes more than read them so I can get them in context.

I also like to read the body language of the person speaking and whenever possible look into their eyes. There is a lot you can tell from doing this. In 1992, the first time I saw then candidate Bill Clinton being interviewed, I believed I was watching a serial liar who was trying to bullshit the nation about his faithfulness to his wife. I never saw him as anything other than ten pounds of a sack of manure in a five pound bag.

Trump, and his team make Bill look like a Boy Scout.

However, this is not my major concern with Trump. I still believe life, and perhaps the law, will catch up to him. Karma is bound to bite him in his backside. The same with his sons and son in-law, Jared. Their foundation of lies and cover-ups is eroding from below the surface far faster than what we are seeing unfold above it. It’s just a matter of time before there is a giant sink hole where there is currently just a swamp.

No, the real problem I see is the 40 percent who are loyal Trump supporters. These are people who in many cases are lacking in decency, intelligence, or regard for this nation’s principles. Now, I know some of his supporters will take offense to these generalizations, however, because of your steadfast support of Trump, it is natural for others to see you in a light that is anything but flattering.

When you stand strong by Trump, we automatically assume the following about you:

  1. You believe CNN, MSNBC, CBS, ABC, and NBC are fake news outlets;
  2. You really think FOX News provides viewers with an accurate narrative;
  3. You believe Obamacare must go despite many, if not most of you, being part of the 22 million people who will lose their health coverage under Trump and the GOP plan;
  4. You support curbing the First Amendment while believing we need to loosen restrictions on the Second Amendment;
  5. You believe higher education is bad and ruining America;
  6. You think the Obamas and Clintons are still a problem;
  7. You believe there is no such thing as any Russian collusion despite it now reaching the president’s oldest son and son in-law;
  8. You really think Mexico is going to pay for a 2,000 mile wall along our border despite Trump now saying it might only be 900 miles of solar panels;
  9. You do not see the hate in the NRA commercial narrated by Dana Loesch;
  10. You do not hear the hate uttered by the likes of Ann Coulter, Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Mike Huckabee, or Newt Gingrich;
  11. You believe we need to spend more money on more wars with more nations rather than seek peaceful coexistence;
  12. You do not believe in such a thing as global warming but you do believe in the concept of clean coal;
  13. You support the violent actions of Trump supporters;
  14. You believe in an English only, Christian only, white only, and male dominated society;
  15. You see Democrats as obstructionists despite the fact they do not hold any majority at any level of federal government;
  16. And finally, you really believe Donald Trump cares about this country and is just trying to make it great again despite his lack of transparency.

You see, what scares me, and many others who see Trump and his policies as dangerous to this nation’s future, is after he is gone from office, you will remain either unwilling or incapable of seeing him as the travesty he is. You will continue to push for and support more extreme minded candidates who hold little to no regard for this nation’s laws because they will feed your fears of what might happen when this nation transforms from what has largely been a white male dominated society to one that becomes much less so.

Just as some of the more elitist minded voices of the 1770’s were leery of handing over a true voice in government to the average citizen who had little to no representation under the King of England, you do not want to see men and women of color, alternative lifestyles, and different religions have what they are owed under our Constitution. You really are okay with denying them their life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness because you fear your slice of the American pie will grow smaller.

Our pie is taking on a new recipe and flavor. If you think the hard fought rights and freedoms the people you hate will be given up without a fight, you are wrong. Your best bet would be to pick up a book and read about the final days of Apartheid South Africa. Many of the ruling white minority feared the inevitable change that took place; however, despite the challenges faced, few can argue South Africa is worse off today than it was 30 years ago.

America will be stronger in another 30 years too if you can just get over your fears of the changing cultural climate. People of many beliefs and backgrounds can live and work together toward common ground. They can find compromises that will build closer ties to one another as we rebuild this nation and allow it to rise up once again and become a bastion for all other nations to admire rather than be the laughing stock it is under our current leadership.