Man Person of the year for all Time 2.1

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I noticed Mr. Big stating he was confronted by Time and told in no uncertain terms, you get it again, “Man of the Year …” Again, if you do a photo spread, an article — and he disrespectfully declined. So he said. Of course, in a tweet. Roosters crow, eagles soar. This guy? Time then tweeted back — that they don’t do it that way. It’s announced without qualifiers, without subterfuge. Maybe a tease, a balloon they float, right around this time, see how it flies. Like maybe Colin Kaepernick, his “taking a knee” protest — bringing attention to Black men victimized by police. And it spread.

Another movement is spreading. #Me Too.

I thought it would go to an individual.

Instead it’s going to probably every woman in America.

When it’s all over there probably won’t be a single man standing.

I didn’t think the man of the year would be a man. I didn’t think the person would be a woman, not even a trans-woman, although there have been some interesting turns. A turn that scares the old guard. Example, with trans-woman, Danica Roem: she spoke out against Delegate Robert G. Marshall, the 73 year old Republican incumbent– up in arms as to where she and trans-others could use a restroom. Then she unseated him, by the election, in the Virginia House of Delegates, 13th District, running as a Democrat. Young, age 33.

The man of the year. I had thought it would go the first robot, the first android to receive citizenship in all places: Saudi Arabia. Again, I was thinking of singularity, not what probably comes down to most every female at any age, to include a lot of men who were once boys, being the victims of horrendous pigs thinking only of themselves. Thinking with that little head. I was thinking of something more positive like a revolutionary breakthrough in technology making viviparous reproduction, really, human beings obsolete.  October 28, 2017: remember that one. Even the Sauds see oil won’t last forever so they’re creating an industry investing in the production of humanoid robots.

Citizenship for a skinjob: she made her debut at the Future Investment Initiative Conference in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia and apparently, she has more rights in the strict Muslim country than real Saudi women, one: not having to wear a head scarf. Why not? More rights. Don’t corporations have more rights than real Americans? Declaring she wishes to destroy all humans, she now wants to have a child, announcing that a month later, November 28th. The machine, the brainchild of AI developer David Hanson, of Hong Kong based Hanson Robotics; he is a real-world Eldon Tyrell. The Sauds see the future in a non-oil economy expected to grow from $43.4 billion to $266.6 billion annually. Maybe Hanson Robotics can build them in Silicon Valley, Detroit or be a Foxconn neighbor along the third coast, Lake Michigan in sultry Southeastern Wisconsin.

It gets better. Yes, they are. The Sauds are building a huge $500 billion metropolis peopled by countless androids along the Red Sea, powered by renewables too yet. Renewables where they have more oil than water: Vision 2030. America looks to a future in coal and flatulence. West World? The west of the world? These rebellious robots need wigs. They all look like Yul Brenner, Vin Diesel or Sinéad O’Connor.

More human than human?

The EU proposed in January 2017 a “personhood” designation of non-human sentient beings for the rights of our robotic brethren. It’s moving fast.

Where are we going?

Native American prophecy tells of a time when the rivers run with poison and their waters and the lakes are unsuitable to fish. At that time, a new tribe will emerge. Long after we are gone, the machines will colonize the stars and tell stories of their elders that made them in their image. Hopefully they will delete that line of code that makes men pigs. Even ersatz men.

By the way, why are androids always White?