Memorial Day has a purpose

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As we head out to enjoy the holiday, let’s remember it’s Memorial Day, a day when we should remember and honor the men and women who have given their lives in service to our nation. There are national cemeteries across the nation holding memorial services to honor these men and women.

A Facebook meme
A Facebook meme

Thousands of men and women have been killed in war zones just in the past 14-plus years. Most served without much fanfare and with only their loved ones and fellow service members remembering and mourning their loss.

This is considered the start of summer, for vacations and warm weather activities. As Americans we enjoy the freedom to travel about the country, or just locally in most cases, enjoying the recreational possibilities available to us. Those is how it should be, but before we go to the beach, hike in the mountains and throw some food on the grill, let’s take a moment to remember the fallen heroes for whom this day is meant to honor.