Mendacity and the Party of Trump

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They were once the party of Reagan.
They were once the party of family values.
They have billed themselves as the moral majority and pro-life along the way.
Today, the GOP is no longer Grand and in its place, simply Grotesque.

A simple Google search will let you see just how far the GOP has changed its views on illegals since Reagan debated George H.W. Bush back in 1980. Since that debate, the GOP has gone from open-minded, common sense driven and compassionate to: brutal, heartless, and more resembling of Hitler than Reagan.

Pro-life? What a joke. They are anything, but pro-life when they separate kids from parents and inflict the same trauma into children and parents as any kidnapper could possibly inflict. And at the end of the day, when tossing the left behind in cages, they pat themselves on their backs for a job well done. After all, these are migrants, here illegally, and doing the crap work no American wants to do.

In reality, when the day is done, the president has not created a single job, increased the average pay of American workers, or made our communities any safer. What he has done is distract a voting populace from the endless issues, shortcomings, and broken laws of a man and his team who see themselves as the real “Dreamers,” people who want to restore America as they remember it: white, male, with some twisted form of Christianity.

We can ask a ton of questions and come up with endless arguments as to why their heartless acts should end right away, but it falls on mostly deaf ears. Any Republican left running for election this year who has not dropped out of the GOP is not worth voting for because he or she either gives their full support to the president or lacks the courage to distance themselves from their party of choice.

Don’t kid yourself into thinking economics will work on these Bible Trumping and boot stomping elected leaders. We might wonder who will work our fields, clean our offices, hotels, and public bathrooms or who will prepare the food we won’t make for ourselves, but not Trump. It won’t take long for Team Trump to put the left behind to work at an even cheaper rate than their parents earned. They will become America’s new slave labor.

Once there is not enough of them, these sick excuses for human beings will set their eyes on other fringe groups: LGBT, Muslims, registered Democrats, the media, and just about anyone else who might be a threat to their power.

“Not in America,” you say. Ignorance, denial, and a failure to know your nation’s history will do this to a country, even one as great as ours.

President Trump and his people can either be a short-lived stain on our nation’s history, one that will be viewed unfavorably, much like the Trail of Tears because of its cruelty, or it can do lasting damage to our society that takes a century or more to fix like slavery.

Our outrage means nothing if it fails to deliver true change and the only change that can come close to undoing the mess Trump has created is to usher him and his supporters, the GOP, out of American politics. There can be absolutely no voting for any man or woman willing to remain associated with the GOP.

Anyone left in that party with any true appreciation for humanity and our history will have dropped out of the GOP by this November. They will have taken the bold steps to either begin forming a new political party, one that is far more representative of the party of Reagan, or they will have joined forces with Democrats across the country to bring down Trump and teach him and all of his supporters a much needed lesson: their time in power is going to be short-lived and in the end, when justice is really served, it will be them left in cages for their crimes against humanity.

The Party of Reagan is gone. What’s more important is we rid ourselves of a cancer known as The Party of Trump.

Photos are YouTube screenshots unless otherwise noted
Top photo: The inside of a child internment center