Merry Christmas to everyone

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The Los Angeles Post-Examiner wishes everyone a very Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays. If you click on the tab just under masthead that says “Special Reports” the drop down menu will feature “Christmas and Winter Solstice.” Click on that to see all of our holiday-related posts from this and past years.

We would like to remind everyone there are those in this great city (and nation) that do not have a home and if they’re lucky, they might get a hot meal at a local shelter. If you can, donate to the various organizations that look out for the less fortunate in our society. Whether it’s your time or money, everything helps.

If you’ve been wondering what the weather is going to be like today, after rain most of the week (in San Diego it was still raining after 9 p.m.), the National Weather Service says all of Southern California is in for a sunny day, with only partial cloudiness.

It’s going to be a little on the cold side — for Southern California. Temperatures should peak at about the mid-50s, so dress warmly. But let’s be real: Southern California isn’t bad at all. In Chicago, IL the temperature is hovering around 32°f, which is freezing (0°C) and they’re getting a mix of rain and snow. In Cleveland, OH it’s mostly cloudy with temps in the mid-30s. Milwaukee, WI is mid-30s and rain … In the Twin Cities — Minneapolis and St. Paul, MN — it’s much the same as Chicago and Milwaukee, but there’s video from the Weather Channel, provided by the Minnesota Highway Patrol. All the transplants from the Snow Belt can relate to that — cars sliding sideways down the freeways and streets.

What’s a bit disappointing, for residents of SoCal and visitors from the snow belt, is that New York City will be in the mid-40s, just 10 degrees colder than Los Angeles. One of the perks of living in this areas has been the ability to gloat about the weather at this time of year. If it’s any consolation, the upper plains states, especially the Dakotas and Northern Minnesota and Wisconsin, are getting temps below freezing, along with snow.

Nevertheless, Southern California is going to have a Christmas Day free of rain and extremely cold weather, just wear a nice sweater today. Eat a little of everything, enjoy each other’s company and good cheer, just accept that at this time of year just about everyone has to wear some embarrassingly bad Holiday-related clothing (the Santa hats are good though) and enjoy the coming week with good cheer.