Milena Djankovich on why new moms need a Support Community

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Back in the days, a mother’s support group usually consisted of family members such as mothers, grandmothers, sisters, friends who are also mothers, as well as close neighbors.  But with the rise of technology today, connecting to a supportive community can be as fast as tapping a few buttons on one’s smartphone or visiting a website.  According to RockerMama president and co-founder Milena Djankovich, new moms need a support community for various reasons.

Entering motherhood can be daunting.  Even if you prepare for it before pregnancy, having a child for the first time welcomes unique challenges to a mother’s life.   And with more information gathered regarding certain aspects of motherhood, the easier it will be for mothers to cope with their responsibilities, says Milena Djankovich.

Besides being a source for information, a support community for mothers is a gateway to communicating with other mothers as well.  Here, mothers can tell their stories and inspire other moms with their personal experiences.  According to Milena Djankovich, being an active member of a support community is also a healthy way of interacting with other mothers who could use a helping hand.

Milena Djankovich emphasizes that while communication between family members is crucial, it is also essential for mothers to talk to other mothers, or at the very least, have someone to listen to them.  A support community can empathize with what is happening, and the first thing mothers will learn after joining a support community is that they are not alone.  New moms can use this community to vent out stress, or even share their positive stories to others, explains Milena Djankovich.

One good thing about support communities is that the information they share are often factual and reliable.  Not only that, but the information can also be monitored, making sure no harmful information could be fed to member mothers.  Milena Djankovich notes that belonging to such support communities can make a mother’s life much easier.

Thanks to social media and how easy it is to create online groups, there are several support groups to choose from.  Mothers may select one or several groups to join, depending on their needs.  There are support groups for breastfeeding, childcare, self-care, emotional support for mothers, and so on.  With so much personal and professional knowledge merged into these easily accessible communities, mothers can easily find the answers they need, says Milena Djankovich.

The sense of belonging is also a positive result of joining these groups.  Mothers can feel validated with the knowledge they post, make new friends from the same community, get new ideas to introduce to the household, as well as learn from the experience of other mothers out there.  Finding the right support community can make motherhood easier, fulfilling, and fun, concludes Milena Djankovich.

Through RockerMama and the Ready Rocker™, Milena Djankovich has helped other mothers bond with their children more as they continue to lead dynamic lives.  The venture Milena co-founded with her husband, Mladen, has led to a practical and beautiful solution that allows mothers to rock their babies anytime, anywhere on any surface they could sit on or against.  For more on Milena and her firm, visit this website.