The mind races to no finish line

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Lately, my mind has been on a roll. It won’t shut off no matter how hard I try. It seems to have its own ADD while bouncing from one topic to the next. If I do not have a note pad and pencil with me, which is most of the time, I can’t remember anything.

This comes with the territory when you deal with anxiety and depression. If you don’t suffer from either, you probably find it easy to tune out the world. Not me.

One of the things I have noticed lately has to do with neighbors of mine. I see the mom and dad taking turns driving their two kids to school while I am peddling away on my exercise bike in my garage. Mom always waves to me, the dad drinks his coffee as he drives by. I also notice at least once a week, they have to return home because before they get to the end of the block, the son who is a young teen realizes he has forgotten to wear shoes.

It makes me feel good seeing this. First, I realize I wasn’t the only parent who had a kid who would forget some of the most basic things you need for your day. Second, it proves the point I use to make to my students who wondered why I wanted them to leave me one shoe while they borrowed a pencil.

I always explained to them they were more likely to walk off with my pencil if they kept both of their shoes and just as likely to do the same if they gave me both. No one walks off with just one shoe.

The other night, I had a dream and have no idea what it meant so perhaps a reader can help me out. In it, I was in India where everyone was dressed in one of two fashions; all white or white with very large vertical green stripes. Everywhere I turned, I saw the two groups until at one point I bumped into Brett Farve in a gray t-shirt and blue jeans. Someone please tell me what this means.

One of my dogs, Peanut, just got neutered. At his first office visit last week with the vet, he tore apart the office and tried to bite my vet and two other techs. He then somehow managed to break free of his harness all because he wanted to visit a dog in the waiting room. What troubles me most is when he sees a leash, he acts like he wants to be the dog I pick to use it on.  Once the leash is on him, he wants nothing to do with it.

Dez Bryant (Claudia Gestro)

Does Peanut associate a leash with having someone stick a thermometer up his backside or is he just indecisive about whether or not he wants to leave the house? Why is it a dog who can be as annoying to our other dogs as he is, and believe me the term annoying is an understatement, be smothered with love and licks by the same dogs he annoys when he comes home with a cone around his head?

I have said it before, but it bears repeating, I do not get Amy Schumer. Is she trying to be funny, thought provoking, or controversial? Whatever it is, she is missing the mark with me. Maybe it is because I am a privileged middle aged white man. Then again, maybe it is because she just isn’t funny.

What is it about professional athletes who get cut by their team going on social media bragging about how great they still are? Dez Bryant gets cut by the Cowboys, whose owner loved him and enabled his me first attitude, and says how he is going to make them regret it. Has he watched the tape of his last few seasons? The Cowboys won’t miss him and as it stands now, teams are not lining up and having a bidding war for his services.

Barbara Bush (Wikipedia(

Too bad there are not more people out there like Barbara Bush. I also liked what George W had to say about his last couple of days with his mother and the manner in which he has handled her passing.

Don’t think I have gone soft on you. Donald Trump is still a turd. However, I hope he makes it in office long enough to stand for reelection in 2020. Nothing will be more embarrassing to him than to have to see himself go down in a ball of flames. Impeachment is too good for him.

The last year or so has seen a lot of tell all books come out. James Comey’s is the most recent. I really do not care to read any of them because they are all designed to paint a picture that is only accurate in the eyes of the writer who we pretty much already know how he feels.

Sean Hanity — just writing his name down makes me feel dirty. Two-faced, hypocritical, liar, and punk are the words that come to mind when I hear his name. Then again, I felt the same about Bill O’Reilly when he was at FOX News.

If you want to teach girls about women who are heroes, try starting with Tammie Jo Shults instead of Beyonce or any other entertainment star. What she did to land that Southwest jet was the stuff they make films about. How long before we see one about her?

Baseball season isn’t a month old and it might as well be done for the Orioles, Devil Rays, White Sox, Royals, Marlins, and Reds. All are playing sub .300 ball and collectively could not field a team that would win half their games. Some players complain about how long the season is. Fans should complain about how many teams the league has. The season is about ten percent over and it already has one-fifth of the league irrelevant and that many more knocking on the door.

If you enjoy gross stuff, I suggest you check out some of the sites devoted to pimple popping. Seriously, who lets a blackhead grow for 20 years? Why do people wait until they have a golf ball size of puss filled fluid that needs draining from the back of their leg? And how many idiots out really think it is a good idea to take a $15.00 Exacto Knife to their own cyst and perform surgery instead of forking over a $20.00 copay to have a doctor take care of it? The videos are as riveting as they are gross. My favorite was the mass of ear wax removed from a guy who just so happened to also have a bug inside his ear canal. I am sure by tomorrow I will have a new favorite.

Somehow, I managed to lose my train of thought while writing this nonsense. There was a point to all of this but for the life of me can’t figure out what it was now. I guess in that regard, I am well suited to serve in government.