Mom is the perfect example of being a mother

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Photo above: Screen Shot of Priscilla Presley from the movie, Naked Gun 2-1/2

Today is the one day a year dedicated to show Mothers how loved and appreciated they are for being a cook, maid, chauffeur, doctor, wife, school teacher; and to thank them for being able to balance it all while working either a paying job outside of the home or working as a stay-at-home mom. It should be a true celebration of the person who gave us life!

With all they do for us it’s very surprising to see tomorrow is also the second biggest sign up day for a popular website dedicated to extramarital affairs. Read that again husbands. You might want to run into the kitchen and whip up a batch of pancakes. Obviously cheating is always wrong, but the numbers don’t lie. Are Mothers not getting the appreciation they deserve?

The study stated that the majority of women who sign up have been married five years with one child. I can’t imagine being married only five years and then go looking to find another person and potentially destroy my marriage and the person I vowed to be faithful to for life. Mother’s Day must be more important than we realized, not just a day to give a card, if the day after is the second biggest day for women to sign up looking for affairs.

A few years back on Mother’s Day a woman drove her car down the street next to mine, side swiping every car before crashing her car into a truck and pushing it through a metal fence. This was before noon so I’m guessing she didn’t have anyone make her breakfast in bed!

As a child, it’s easy to take someone who has been there for you since birth for granted. Mothers “have” to love us unconditionally. When we get older we finally see them as adults who had separate lives before us and understand that the rules we didn’t like were given to us for our safety and to help raise the best children possible. We realize they did their best and hopefully we have all thanked them well throughout our lives so they know they are appreciated every day.

Playboy's Miss December 2005 Christine Smith (Photo provided by Christine Smith)
Playboy’s Miss December 2005 Christine Smith
(Photo provided by Christine Smith)

Mothers are the most influential people in shaping who we become as adults. My Mother was loved by my friends for making the best chocolate chip cookies from scratch. And I can’t tell you how many times I heard “Your Mom is hot!” from my male friends. She looked like Priscilla Presley’ I remember seeing a photo of Priscilla in the newspaper when I was young and thought Mom was lying to me when she said it wasn’t her.

She was a stay at home wife; I don’t think my Dad ever poured his own orange juice — she did everything for him. I didn’t pick up that quality by the way, but I did pick up my ability to build and repair about anything from my Dad.

I didn’t realize how lucky I was to have two parents that never fought and who felt marriage was forever, until I’d see some of my friends’ parents.  Many were all too willing to throw away a marriage if they thought someone better had come along.

My Mom is the perfect example of what a wife and Mother should be. My Dad was diagnosed with ALS at 64 and was fully paralyzed by 65. A lot of people would have put their husbands in a hospice but she spent hours each day helping him eat, and fully took care of him twenty four hours a day until he passed at our home. She is an unbelievably strong and caring person to do that. She is the reason for my drive to help charities and animals that were given up on by other people. I’m grateful she is my Mom and I care for others like she does.

This year I hope every Mother is made to feel as loved, valued and appreciated as they deserve to feel, and those lucky enough to see their Mothers have a wonderful day with them!